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Growing some Memories

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The start of the school year is almost here, but that doesn't mean that we cannot continue to enjoy the sunshine.  Unfortunately, most of my grand ideas for activities to break up the summer monotony have been used up, and both the kids and I are looking for something different to do as a parent/child activity.  Then along came Tianna, and that all changed.

 My neighbors were going on vacation for a few weeks, and were making the rounds asking different people to get their mail, feed the cats, etc.  When they came to my door, they asked if I could take care of their potted tomato plant, saying we were obviously welcome to eat the tomatoes as they ripened.  I of course said, "Yes," thinking it would be nice to have some fresh vegetables.  As I set the potted tomato plant on my deck, my daughter started asking questions about what it was that the neighbors had brought over.  As I explained the situation to her, it occurred to me that this was a great opportunity for her and I to do something new together.

 If we were going to take care of something, it obviously had to have a name.  We searched the internet for names, and settled on Tianna.  Next, we had to find out how to care for Tianna the tomato plant. Searching the internet again, we read about how much sunlight and water tomato plants like.   We also learned about different types of tomato plants, and when the proper time is to pick the tomato from the plant.  Every day, when I get home from work, we take a peek at Tianna to see if she needs water, prune any yellow leaves, and gently pluck any ready tomatoes from the plant.  My daughter hates eating vegetables, but she loved learning about plants. 

My neighbors also asked me to keep an eye on their garden, which is filled with cilantro, green peppers, and onions.  There is a ton of opportunity there for learning about different kinds of plants, as well as responsibility with respect to watering and weeding the garden.  How about testing the effects of using plant food when watering versus not?  Not to mention the fact that between all the plants, I have almost all the ingredients needed to make salsa! 

I just wish I would have thought of this in the beginning of the summer.  We could have grown our own garden, or even planted flowers.  The neat thing is, even though it's optimal to do this outside during the summer, you can grow some memories very inexpensively with your child with indoor potted plants year round! 

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Travis Pizel

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