The Reality of Being in Debt, Warts and All

My Journey out of Debt

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The Reality of Being in Debt, Warts and All

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I used to avoid any television show, radio show, book, video, community event, etc. that was geared toward the topic of debt or getting out of debt-- or just finances in general. 

Why?  Because when I was in debt I felt guilty and embarrassed at what I had gotten myself into; I had no desire to hear, over and over again, about how I screwed up from other sources. 

So I did what I always did: avoided it. 

Well, since entering the "adult zone," I have realized I can't avoid it.  Instead I am doing the adult thing and taking an active role in my financial future!  Now, I do watch the television shows, pick up the magazine articles, and consider going to hear a "financial expert's"; so that I can hear what advice they have to offer and additional steps that I can take to continue my financial recovery.

But the reality is that they don't get it. 

They just don't get what truly being in debt is.  I was listening to a morning show that had an "expert" talking about how to save money and what to do if you are in a financial crisis.  I honestly laughed out loud. 

This woman advised that the most important step to take was to make sure that you have enough in your savings account to cover expenses for A YEAR!  She advised this would help to cushion the blow if you were to lose your job. 

Are you kidding me?  A YEAR?!  At the stage I am, I would be lucky to live a WEEK if I lost my job.  I hear this type of advice all the time: save as much as you can...don't forget after you establish your savings account to make sure you have an emergency account...don't forget to have a buy-yourself- something-nice account....oh, and of course, pay your bills on time. 

Just once I would like someone to talk about the reality of debt. 

How about if one of these 'experts' tackled what most of us really have to deal with; what to do when you can't pay your bills for two months at a time? Or the fact that you have budgeted for the bare minimum, therefore leaving no room for savings or emergency accounts if you want to put food on the table. 

I want to hear people talking about that reality - that is my reality and that is what I live with every day.  Hearing about the financial accounts, savings and related that I should have gets me back into that "funk" of failure. 

Most of us have heard them before, but the following articles helped me to feel back in control again and realize that I am doing the right thing. And that I am not alone: 

When was the last time someone talked reality to you and said, "Ok, you screwed up, here is how to make it better," or even, "Wow, you have been working on your debt for two years, great job!"  Well, here I am telling you all: great job and keep up the good work!  I can deal with my reality much better than I can the experts' reality! 

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Katie Simmons

Katie is a participant in the CareOne Debt Management Plan. Katie is a contributing writer for the Single & settling in blog. Katie's story is not unique.  She lived beyond her means and it caught up to her!  Over 2 years ago she made the decision that no one could get her out of the mess she created with her debt, but her.  Since then, she has embarked on an adventure of learning how to take care of herself without credit cards in her life and how hard it can be to be single and in debt.  She is experiencing every challenge and every success while working her hardest to be debt free. Compensated CareOne Blogger.

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  • This is such a great post, Katie, and I agree with you 100%.  I went to my bank once (before I got on the DMP) to see what they could do for I was over my head, and was in danger of not being able to make my mortgage payments.  They told me the best thing I could do to help myself was to pay down my second mortgage so I could leverage the equity in my home to consolidate my credit cards.  yeah, that would have been about 10 years before it would be able to help me.  I said I needed help now....and they just stared at me and re-iterated I should concentrate on paying down my second mortage.  They just didn't get it.

    Disclaimer:  I have been enrolled in the debt management program since July of 2009, and have also been a compensated blogger since March of 2010.  Check out my blog sometime by selecting the "blogs" tab, and selecting "My Journey Out of Debt" and read about how my family and I deal with being in debt, and on the debt management program.

  • I am glad there is someone else out there that "feels my pain"!  I am amazed at what I have learned over the last couple of years as it relates to debt and managing it.  You have some great blogs out there...looking foward to continuing to share our experiences with one another!

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