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Can You Dig It?

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Can You Dig It?Vegetable gardens are becoming the newest fun and healthy fad to sweep the nation during the recession. 

The cost of produce is high and continues to increase; and, if you're a veggie lover, like me, your grocery bill is probably high. To save money on veggies, people are turning their thumbs green and planting their very own vegetable gardens, but is it really worth the time and effort?

I was very interested in starting my own vegetable garden this season, but I wasn't sure if it would really save me any money. I had to do some research on the price of plants and seeds versus the cost of store produce, as well as research what supplies I would need to start my own vegetable garden. 

Read below about what I discovered, so far.

  • Four tomato plants would run me approximately $15.
  • The average yield for a row of four plants is 60 pounds. 
  • The going retail price per pound for tomatoes is $1.77, while the homegrown tomato only cost about 25 cents. 
  • Bell Peppers cost around $12 per six plants and you can reap up to 120 pounds of peppers, which lowers the price per pound from $2.37 in stores to 10 cents.
  • Broccoli also costs less than a third of the retail price per pound, at around 50 cents rather than $1.37. 

Learn more about how to cost compare here.

Though the above information seems great, I still need all of the supplies to create my own veggie garden. 

The items I'll need and their approximate prices are: 

  • a shovel ($6)
  • a rake ($6)
  • a spade ($5)
  • a hose ($15)
  • top soil (1.50/40lbs)
  • fertilizer ($10)
  • starter plants
  • and seeds ($40)

So, to start by own garden I would need to invest about $82. Considering I spend about $35 a month on produce at the grocery store, I think a one-time investment of $82 doesn't seem that bad.    

Based on what I've learned I think I'm definitely going to dig myself my very own vegetable garden. I love veggies and spend a good amount of money on them a month - I really think it's worth the time and effort.  I'll keep you all updated and let you know how it turns out!

If you're a gardening guru, please share with us any tips you may have on planting a vegetable garden.

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  • Mary_S: My wife and I also started our own vegetable garden. It's a great way to not only save money but healthier because you know what you are growing. Great info!!!

  • Our population is increasing but our farmland is decreasing. Not that long ago families in American actually grew their own foods. Yes, I know it may be shocking to some of us, but people used to be self-sustaining and we may need to do it again in the

  • This season I've taken the initiative to keep my skin safe, and contrary to popular belief, it's not too expensive to keep your skin safe from the harmful rays, if you know what to look for.

  • Through this season, I try to find ways of making salads which are exciting, different and feel like a meal in and of themselves. In chef speak, they are called composed salads. In diner speak, they are a meal in a bowl!

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