One day when I was three or four years old, I was playing in the front of my house with my brother's dump truck.  I was running it up and down the sidewalk making truck noises, when I decided it was time to fill up the dump part of the truck.

I started picking my mom's marigold flowers and putting them in the back of the truck.  Once it was full, I drove the truck down the sidewalk, into the garage and then lifted it up the step into our house.  With pride I showed my mom the dump truck filled with marigold flowers. 

Fall Leaves, Fun and FREE!Unfortunately, she was not as impressed with my accomplishment as I was.

Parental displeasure aside, my point is that foliage can be fun.  This is an important point, given that it is now officially autumn, and the leaves are starting to fall.

Here is a list of fun things to do with your tree litter:

Pile it up:

  • Rake the leaves into a huge pile (see how big you can make it) and have the kids just run and jump in it. I personally join in the fun myself as well.
  • Rake the pile into the middle of a sidewalk, and have your kids ride their bikes through it Kids love this sort of thing.

Make lawn decorations:

  • Halloween is getting closer, so that means everyone is getting out their decorations, right? Pick out some old clothes you can sacrifice for the cause and stuff them with leaves to make a scarecrow. You could even make a whole family of scarecrows to match your own family!

Play football:

  • Before calling it a day on your scarecrows, use them for tackling dummies. What kid wouldn't like to run full steam into a soft, squishy fake person and drive them into the ground? Maybe it's the inner linebacker in me, but I love doing this, and so do both of my kids.

Put them to use:

  • Pile it around your plants to help insulate them during the winter. This one isn't very fun. Ok, it's not fun at all, but still a great use for those leaves.

Foliage is fun.  Foliage is frugal.  Put them together and you've got Foliage is fun and frugal, which is one heck of a tongue twister. 

Tongue twisters are also free.

Do you have any inexpensive ways to use those leaves for fun?

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