Thrift Stores; Not for Grandma's AnymoreI remember when thrift stores were a place you donated to, not shopped in. 

A place where you went to look for Halloween costumes, not a new suit to wear. 

A place that you associated with your grandparents or older relatives, not a place where you shopped for school clothes for your kids. 

Have you gone to a thrift store lately? You should. Go ahead, Google "treasures found at thrift stores." Surprised at how much comes up? There is even a website geared toward understanding thrift store shopping:

The thrift store near me happens to be located near a very affluent community. I have found out when new shipments of donations come to this particular store and also their schedule for putting new donations out on the floor. 

The result:

  • Designer clothes with the tags still on 
  • Designer purses that have barely been used 
  • Electronics still in their boxes
  • Furniture that is less than a year old

All for prices that are literally a steal. 

There are even professional shoppers. I watched as several people stood and waited for new items to come out to the floor and literally elbow each other to grab every piece of clothing that still had original tags. When I asked one woman what the deal was, she said she buys this stuff here and sells it for twice as much online. Amazing. 

These stores now cater to a different group of people...heck; they now cater to all groups of people. It has become "in" to shop thrift.

Gone are the days of people "hanging" on to stuff. We need to move things we are no longer using. Families are downsizing and we can help them while helping ourselves! 

I came across a garage sale where there was a ton of brand new baby clothes with all the tags still on them....come to find out baby Michael came out baby Michelle!  Yep, still happens. I got some incredible bargains for my friend's newborn!

Next Saturday, spend some time garage sale hopping or checking out your local thrift store. It is in to buy recycled...what do you have to lose?   

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