CareOne Community Member Spotlight - saracarr

My Journey out of Debt

Featured customers currently enrolled in a CareOne Debt Relief Plan, share journey to become debt-free; hear how they juggle family, finances, and more.

CareOne Community Member Spotlight - saracarr

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We are continuing our featured segment for the My Journey out of Debt blog; CareOne Community Member Spotlight!

We are placing the spotlight on some of the familiar members you see engaging in the Community.

These members have graciously offered up their time to let me interview them about their personal stories, tips for success on the plans and more. This week I have interviewed Sara Carr; you would know her as saracarr.


How did you hear about CareOne?

I first heard about CareOne when I decided to find a solution to my debt problems, I found them online.

CareOne Community Member Spotlight - saracarrWhat Plan were you enrolled in and how much debt did you start with?

I was enrolled in the Debt Management Plan (DMP), starting with about $16,000 in debt - 5 credit cards and 1 installment loan.

I started the program October 2010 and made my last payment this February 2012!!!!!

What caused you to seek help with your debt?

By the time I found CareOne I was one big emotional and financial mess:

  • I had just quit my job
  • I had no income and a mountain of debt
  • My lease was up on my apartment and my roommate decided to move in with her boyfriend - so I was practically homeless
  • I was receiving 20 calls a day from my credit card companies asking for more money
  • I had overdraft fees that were piling up

You get the picture.

When I called CareOne, I was just done - done feeling sorry for myself, done with debt and done with having no clue how to take care of myself financially.

Why would you recommend CareOne to your family and friends?

I would recommend CareOne to my family or friends because they are such a fantastic company to have on your side. CareOne does not fix your credit or debt problems, CareOne gives you the tools to fix it yourself. The website has so many financial articles and tips, the information is diverse and useable. Every CareOne team member I spoke with, either via phone or email, was kind and incredibly helpful. I felt safe with CareOne.

How has CareOne given you a Second Chance?

CareOne made me become responsible for myself - it was up to me to pay my bills on time, it was up to me to keep track of my creditor statements, and it was up to me to balance my checkbook every day. I grew up financially on the DMP, thanks to CareOne.

What advice would you give to those who are searching for debt relief options?

If you choose to use a company to help you it is vital that you work with people who are your advocates. Most importantly, you need to be proactive in your program, be it a Debt Management Plan or a Debt Settlement Plan. Watch your creditor statements, pay extra when you can, and believe in yourself.

Tell us something about yourself; a favorite hobby or a quote that helps you stay motivated.

My husband, Adam and I were married in February of 2011 and we moved to North Carolina with our two cats.

I love to read non-fiction, watch movies, and cook.

My favorite quote is: "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." - Winston Churchill

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  • saracarr you are to be commended on your success.  To be in such a financial bind and to be able to pull out of it with such force is unbelievable.  You are an inspiration for me.  Thank you for sharing your story with those of us still struggling to be debt free.  I certainly hope you did something good for yourself after accomplishing your debt freedom.  May you enjoy life to the fullest!!

  • Thanks so much mdavis1964! You are an encouraging member of the CareOne community and your kind words are so helpful! I think there are many of us who are excited to hear all about your last payment!

  • Thank you saracarr!!  I will look forward to posting such later this year!!

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