Getting out of Debt is a Constant State of Mind

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Getting out of Debt is a Constant State of Mind

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Vonnie and I were comparing two brands of toilet paper during a recent grocery shopping trip contemplating trying a different brand. The price difference between two packages of exactly the same size was 50 cents. Not a very large price difference. I remember saying, "It's only 50 cents, and does it really matter?"

Getting out of Debt is a Constant State of MindThe words barely got out of my mouth before I realized that it does matter.  

Some people will tell you not to waste your time and energy on such trivial amounts. Concentrate on the things that will save you significant amounts of money such as: 

  • Reducing or eliminating your cable bill
  • Get rid of your car payment by selling your car, then paying cash for a cheaper car
  • Downsizing your home

These are the things that will give you the most bang for your buck, so spend your time cutting these costs, and don't worry as much about the little things. 

I think such a statement is a little out of touch with the mind set of someone who is truly going through a tough time financially and trying to make ends meet.

Getting out of debt is a constant state of mind.

If I'm serious about cutting costs then I make every expenditure a conscious and meaningful decision. The important thing is to have the conversation, ask the question and take the appropriate action for you. If I'm in that state of mind, how can I NOT ask myself if I can be happy with cheaper toilet paper, get along without that latte, or buy that generic product?

In November, I had a very uncomfortable conversation with a friend of mine to keep our Thanksgiving dinner grocery shopping spending within our budget. It cut my grocery bill by about $25. While that's certainly more than the 50 cents that switching toilet paper brands would save me, in the grand scheme of things, it still isn't a whole lot of money.

The thing is, the next day my kids were invited to go to a movie with the rest of the neighborhood kids.  Had I overspent at the grocery store, they would have had to have watched the other kids in the neighborhood leave for a movie, while they stayed at home by themselves because we wouldn't have had the funds to allow them to go.

Tell them little things don't matter.

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Travis Pizel, CareOne Debt Relief Services Debt Management Plan Customer Blogger Travis Pizel

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  • In the grand scheme of things $.50 is a big deal.  I've even ran out to my car before to grab a coupon I knew I had for TP.  Saving everywhere not just on utilities or cars makes a big difference.  It allows for those last minute invites to the movies.  Great post Travis.  I can only image the words that came out of Vonnie mouth :)

  • Sounds like you're also in that "constant state of mind," Jackie!  Yeah, Vonnie's reaction was something along the lines of "Is it worth it?  YOU'RE the one that's always looking for ways to save money, and now you're asking me........."  :)  Thanks for your comment!

  • I have to say that I agree with Vonnie's response to you, especially after the medication switch you did on her. ;-)  This is an awesome post just like always.  I agree with Jackie 50 cents is 50 cents and it adds up quickly.  Imagine if you put away very penny you saved by buying something cheaper, I wonder how much money you would have by the end of the year.  I think it would add up to more than what most of us think about.  I may just have to try this experiment once I am debt free!!  You have me curious now.

  • LOL, mdavis1964 I had almost forgot about the generic medication switch.  Thanks for reminding me....although I'm sure she hasn't forgotten either.  :)

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