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What is Your Motivation?

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What comes to mind when you think of a personal trainer? I think of an extremely fit person with muscles bulging through extremely tight athletic wear, barking drill sergeant like instructions. 

What is Your Motivation?One morning, I happened to notice that a personal training session at my gym can be scheduled as early as 5:00 am. What makes a person trying to get in shape pay money to get up before the sun only to be barked at by someone telling them to perform exercises that inflict pain?

It is the need for motivation. Motivation to be pushed to achieve something that may not be achieved otherwise. Motivation to remind a person of what they are trying to accomplish.

I remember waking up especially early one morning, and not being able to fall back asleep. I stared at the ceiling, my mind racing. I could feel my body temperature rise, and perspiration begin to ooze from every pore of my body. I was thinking about our financial situation (again), and of how I had balanced the checkbook the night before, discovering that if we paid all of our bills, there would be nothing left for groceries.

What were we going to do? How would I explain this to my wife? It's a horrifying memory, and a repulsive feeling that I hope to never relive.

It is this very memory and feeling which fuels my motivation to continue on the path to learning how my wife and I can:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Become financially responsible
  • And payoff our debt

There are definitely times I don't feel like having yet another budget discussion. There are instances when an invitation is received from friends for an activity that would exceed our available funds.

We are tempted to go anyway. 

When these occasions arrive, I think back to that morning, lying in bed with my stomach in knots, and this memory is motivation enough to snap me back to reality and do the right thing. Whether it comes from a personal trainer yelling orders, or the memory of a very sour experience, motivation can be a very effective tool to help you achieve a goal.

What do you use as your motivation to continue on your journey out of debt?

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Travis Pizel, CareOne Debt Relief Service Customer BloggerTravis Pizel

Travis is a contributing writer for the My Journey out of Debt blog and is a very active member of the CareOne community forums. Travis is currently enrolled in a CareOne Debt Management Plan (DMP). Travis very candidly shares his personal journey to pay off his debt and the tips he's learned along the way. As a father and husband he provides a unique perspective on balancing debt, finances, and family. You can also follow along with Travis on his personal blog, Our Journey to Zero. Compensated Blogger for CareOne Debt Relief Services.

Follow Travis on Twitter @DebtChronicles

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  • The initial motivation was sheer panic. Like you (I think) we had a card that had a HUGE balance that went from an introductory rate to like 24% and made the minimum payment so high that there was no way we'd be able to pay all our bills every month. I seriously freaked out. (Even though I sort of knew that moment was coming...).

    I think my motivation now is simply the number 0. I watch my Excel spreadsheet with my monthly totals on it and see them getting smaller and smaller and when one of the balances turned to 0 it totally fueled my fire. I've been increasing our monthly payment amounts and have another card in my crosshairs and when it gets to 0, I think I'll be even that much more motivated!

  • Yeah, sheer panic and hopelessness was my reaction too, Mike. It wasn't an interest rate hike in my case, just a change in minimum monthly payment policy - from 1% to 2.5% percent - which made our payments skyrocket.  Funny thing is....I just got a notification in the mail saying that there's a class action lawsuit now against that creditor for that very action.  It's ironic, though.....that was the stimulus to straighten my life out.  If what they did was illegal, I don't know if I should thank them, or sue them...?  :)

  • Panic was my first motivator too, but it took my creditors threatening to increase my interest rates from reasonable rates to almost 30%. That was what really got me to join.  I was blessed in the fact that I joined before they increased my rates.  Which meant that almost every creditor just allowed me to keep my original interest rates except 2 did decrease the rate.  However I had to do some quick budgeting in order to enroll in the DMP as I didn't qualify.  It was either figure out something fast, or end up on the DSP.  My problem was that most of the minimum payment amounts CareOne wanted to propose to my creditors was more than what they wanted from me originally.  I had no idea how I was going to pay more plus the $50 fee when I was already drowning and using credit cards for my monthly bills.  But I knew I had to do something because once my creditors increased the rates the minimum payment amounts were going to increase anyway.  That fear is a great motivator.

    I also agree with Mike, seeing the 0 on my spreadsheet, the green check mark on the CareOne's website and the interest now being lower than my monthly fee is all motivators for me to continue to pay as much as I can, especially when most of the money is now going to the principal.

  • You're really kicking into high gear, mdavis1964!  You're comments always add to my motivation to keep talking budgets, keep watching our spending, keep our eyes on that finish line.  Fear of going back to having that icky feeling is definitely a motivating factor, but so are great examples (like you) of people being so successful with their plan - keep up the great work!

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