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Is Money Your Master or Your Servant?

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Is Money Your Master or Your Servant?Are you in control of it (your money that is)? Or is it in control of YOU?

Money MAY be your master if . . .

  • You spend compulsively
  • You are not sure how much you spend or how much you owe
  • You often pay bills with money earmarked for other things
  • You take out new loans to pay off old ones

Or Money CAN be your servant if . . .

  • You know the difference between needs and wants
  • You know your income and spend less than you earn
  • You make saving a priority
  • You budget and plan for the future

Money managed properly can be a useful tool, providing the freedom to pursue the important things in life, such as a close bond with family and friends, and perhaps even contributing to lower stress and financial strain.

Personal Experience

My husband and I both work full-time jobs and we were always open for overtime and for him, side jobs. However, it seemed we were always broke. Why? Our spending habits made us slaves to our money. We were doing all of the things listed above and more. 

We now realize the benefits of making our money serve us. We still work our full-time jobs, but no longer are we in search of extra work; therefore, we have more quality time with our family in the evenings and on the weekends. We do not have the same stress level as before because now the ends meet and we have a little overlap.

Regardless of our financial state, making adjustments in the way we handle our finances will bring more peace of mind and a happier life. Put money in its proper place.

Save, Budget, and Plan

SAVE for the unexpected and fight the temptation to spend those funds.

BUDGET so you can monitor, control, and/or reduce your spending. A good budget can give you a sense of where your money is going and help you reach your financial goals.

PLAN so you are prepared for your future needs.

Stay BALANCED by keeping money in its place.

Beyond food, clothing, and shelter, how much does a person really need anyway?

Zandra Halley CareOne Debt Management Plan GraduateZandra Halley

Zandra is a graduate from the CareOne Debt Management Plan (DMP).  You may have seen her posting as 'Motherofone' in our Community. Zandra and her husband have a lovely daughter who was their motivation for tackling their financial future. Having successfully graduated from the DMP, Zandra will be sharing her tips and experience with all of you to help others be successful with their financial goals to pay off their debt. Follow Zandra in the My Journey out of Debt blog. Compensated CareOne Blogger.

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  • wow me in a nutshell I have money management issues. I need a plan to get out of debt and stay that way wow its so real how money can bring on so much unhappiness.

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