Finding Support to Help You Meet Your Financial Goals

My Journey out of Debt

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Finding Support to Help You Meet Your Financial Goals

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Finding Support to Help You Meet Your Financial GoalsEvery one of us needs a way to garner support when we are working toward important goals. 

Many enlist the help and support of family and friends, while others may use groups and forums, or even self-help strategies. All of these are good, and have proven track records. 

Personally, what works for me is to look deep inside the source of my successes and failures . . . ME!

Being an introspective, analytical type of gal, I tend to gather a lot of momentum and motivation from looking at how I've reached important goals in the past. I suppose that is "self help" in its purest form. I also use past failures as red flags, because I've made plenty of disastrous financial errors, and now have a healthy fear of repeating those.

I'm keeping a "score card," if you will, on my financial growth process.

My greatest achievement so far is my absolute stubborn resistance to the use of credit again. At first, the thought of doing everything on a "cash-only" basis was scary; I felt a bit sorry for myself and a bit deprived just thinking about it. Gee, no more instant gratification?  BUT, the reward for that is freedom from debt, and the agonizing stress that is debt's closest companion. 

Now, THAT continues to support my NO CREDIT stance. YESSSSS, score one for Julie!

I also support and motivate myself by looking at what progress I have already made. Let's see, I enrolled in a DMP! Another point for me, yay! 

Now, here's a biggie: I have saved enough to pay in cash, outright, no payment plans . . . for a vacation in December. Travel is important to me, and I am happily patting myself on the back for this milestone. I'd hate to tell you how many credit cards I used in the past to pay for travel (and pay, and pay, and pay . . . you understand the heavy hand of the high interest rate.) This hasn't come without sacrifice, but I am so excited-I'm growing!  

Score ANOTHER point for ME!

My long term goal is to be debt free and have some spendable money when I retire. I know I'll achieve the first part of that by using the DMP with CareOne. I see myself working hard to save money, and that really jazzes me! Learning to organize my finances and actually PLAN ahead is an exciting adventure-truly a point of motivation for this former spontaneous, debt-building machine called Julie. All right, you go girl!

So, I've made it clear that I am the wellspring for my own success, because no one can make me succeed at this except ME. But, I could also be the source of my own failure, so I keep myself accountable to trusted friends and family. 

A cheering section of one just isn't enough; we all need the supportive shoulders of others, too. 

My advice: whether it's family, friends, or forums . . . find a rooting section to spur you on as you continue to move toward your financial goals.

Julie Van Wert, CareOne Services, Inc. Customer Blogger and Debt Management Plan Customer

Julie Van Wert

I am a Medical Social Worker at a community hospital. I am married and have three wonderful children, and three beautiful grandsons, with another grandbaby on the way. My family also includes a miniature Dachshund named Conrad. I love gardening and spending time outdoors, but I equally love doing home decorating projects. I've been enrolled in the Debt Management Plan for just under a year, and that has been a real "turning point" in my financial life. I hope you will follow along with My Journey out of Debt! Compensated CareOne Debt Relief Services Blogger


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  • I found a great piece of wisdom in your post, Julie.  It's very important to surround yourself with people that support you and cheer you on.  BUT, without internal drive, motivation, and the will to succeed your external cheering section can't possibly succeed in helping you move forward - strength must first come from within!

    Thanks for the great post!

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