What Does Success Mean When Talking About Debt?

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What Does Success Mean When Talking About Debt?

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What does success mean when talking about debt, you ask? Well, success means different things to different people.

For us, it meant having a little extra money after paying the bills to eat out or go somewhere we want to go.  
For you it may be something different. Each person in a debt management plan, like Care One's, should determine what they think being successful means to them. Does it mean just being able to get out of bed in the morning, or is it having food in the fridge for your family?  
Find out what success means to you. Write down your short-term and long-term goals, and then determine how you are going to get there.

Do you have to change your spending habits or where you shop?  One of our short-term goals was just paying off one creditor.

The more creditors we paid off, the better we felt.  

Success is Like Riding a Bull 

Grab a hold of the horns with both hands and turn them the way you want the bull to go! The bull will mow down any obstacles that get in your way, and sooner or later you will get to where you want to go.  

Find out what you have to do to get closer to achieving your goal. Then, whatever it is you have to do to get there, discipline yourself to do it. 
Think of discipline as a tool, not a chore. Discipline is being responsible for doing something on a regular basis. It means not giving up. Discipline basically means "do it," no matter how you feel or whatever happens. You do what you have to do to get to where you need to go.  

You may not get things right every time, so don't consider yourself a failure when you don't.

Remember these tips:

  • It takes practice; success doesn't happen over night
  • Even discipline can become a habit
  • Persistence will overcome obstacles
  • Take small steps if a big one is too much
  • Admit you have weaknesses and make a point to stay away from them or work on your weaknesses

Reward Yourself for Small Successes 

Whenever you reach a goal or accomplish something, take a moment to reward yourself in some small way that makes you feel good about what you have just achieved.  
What does success mean to you? Tell us! We want to know.

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Dennis Bauman, CareOne Debt Management Plan GraduateDennis Bauman

Dennis Bauman has been on a Debt Management Plan (DMP) customer with CareOne Debt Relief Services since October of 2007 and recently graduated to become debt-free!! Dennis Bauman works in the manufacturing industry, creating floor tile. Having officially completed the Debt Management Plan, Dennis Bauman is excited to share what his experience on the DMP was like as well as what made his experience a successful one. Look for more posts under the My Journey Out of Debt blog. Compensated CareOne Debt Relief Services Blogger.

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  • I love this blog, thank you.  Discipline and habit are so much a part of the whole financial realm.  We can either be habitually poor money managers, or habiitually wise spenders and savers.  You make such a good point about making good choices a habit.  Habits are NOT that hard to form.  Statistically, it takes 21 days to form a habit.  Perhaps we can equate that to 21 times doing something the RIGHT way............ which I sort of see as your "bull mowing down everything in its path."  Discipline is tough, but it certainly can be learned, and I think as we form good new habits, the discipline grows and becomes stronger and more a part of our behavior.  Thanks for this great lesson.

  • Thank You Conradsmom,

    Yes getting out of debt isn't easy but once we change those bad habits into good ones, it becomes a little easier.

  • Good article Dennis! Every time we talk about debts, but, what are they exactly? How are we suppose to face them? For sure we have to take your words of discipline, right habits, wise spender and a personal saving policy. If not we are facing the future with blind eyes. Thanks. It's necessary to have regular basis to achive success for long term.


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