Keeping Sane the Last Days before Christmas

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Keeping Sane the Last Days before Christmas

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Keeping Sane the Last Days before ChristmasThe holidays are coming fast; they are almost here. Are you ready? Are you done shopping yet?

If you're like most people, you probably won't be done until almost the last minute. Some of us are waiting for that last payday before Christmas.  
In the past, we went so many years charging everything to the max and going into debt for the next year, and most of the time longer. We finally had enough.

We couldn't handle it anymore, so we started our debt management plan with CareOne.   

We also made a decision to no longer charge for Christmas. If we didn't have the money, then we didn't get it. We shop more practically now and look for bargains wherever we can find them. We plan our spending for Christmas, and start shopping as early as possible.  

The Children Need to Know 

Of course we had to explain to the kids, who are all grown now, that we couldn't do Christmas like we used to. Before, we always had presents stuffed full under the tree and all around it, piled high. Yes it looked great, and the kids were spoiled, but it was very stressful, especially when the bills came due.  
Now the presents are more condensed around the tree, but we still have a nice Christmas holiday. It's all about family and friends and spending time together. There are some folks we only see on these rare occasions and we want to make the best of it. Of course with some people that's more than enough-you know what I mean. 
The saying goes, "It is better to give than to receive," but remember it isn't just about the presents. Let's never forget why we celebrate the Christmas holiday. 

Being in the Christmas Spirit 

What does "Being in the Christmas Spirit" mean to me? It means giving of yourself and not expecting anything in return: Giving others a cheerful uplifting word when they need it the most. Those people who work in the stores where we shop can get very stressed out too. Don't forget about them. 
Try to keep the Christmas Spirit alive this holiday season when you're out there shopping to get those last-minute deals. Everyone is in a hurry and in their own little world and may be stressed a lot more than you. We all could use a little Christmas Spirit. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! 

Dennis Bauman, Debt Management Plan Graduate with Leading Provider of Debt Relief, CareOne Services, Inc. Dennis Bauman

Dennis Bauman has been on a Debt Management Plan (DMP) customer with CareOne Debt Relief Services since October of 2007 and recently graduated to become debt-free!! Dennis Bauman works in the manufacturing industry, creating floor tile. Having officially completed the Debt Management Plan, Dennis Bauman is excited to share what his experience on the DMP was like as well as what made his experience a successful one. Look for more posts under the My Journey Out of Debt blog. Compensated CareOne Debt Relief Services Blogger.

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  • Happy Holidays to you too! I have not charged Christmas for several years. Before you clap for me... that is because I have not had room on the cards to charge it! We have done better each year and are still working on it. I admit to being held hostage to the picture of a happy Christmas morning. I tend to panic over the stockings. I begin to think they will be sad and empty. I start thinking the kids will come down and I will see the disappointment on their faces at the stockings that are sad and deflated instead of bursting with Christmas joy. Last year I ran out and bought $200 worth of stuffers at the last minute NOT counting the stuff I had already bought. It was all JUNK! Cheap, overpriced junk I would never spend money on normally and that they do not even REALLY want. The only thing that stuck around after Christmas was the weight we gained from candy that I would never normally allow. This year we are doing better. Each person has a bag in my closet and their stocking stuffers go in there. Then as I panic I go look at the stuff in the bag to reassure myself that there is plenty. Plus, I made an agreement on another blog not to buy junk and we are going to have to report so that helps. I am not quite done yet. Yep - our last paycheck before the big day is on the 15th. I do have a plan though and am confident I am going to make better choices this year!

  • Kimmer,

    I admit it is not easy sometimes to keep from maxing out the credit cards but you are making progress. It takes time to pay down those cards. Keeping a ceiling on your christmas is just one way and if you keep the real meaning of Christmas in mind. It doesn't really have to be an expensive Christmas. Everyone just needs your undivided attention. Just listen and Share your Love and you will enjoy each others company. Kids grow up so fast. Make the best of every moment you have with them.

    Merry Christmas Kimmer and have a Happy New, and I mean New Year

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