My husband and I began saving whatever was left after necessities when we decided to make our first adult step and buy an apartment. 

After reviewing our finances, we quickly realized that we had more necessities than we thought;

  • Our rent
  • Our electricity bill
  • Our cell phone bills
  • Groceries

We also have to count more luxurious items, such as Netflix and cable tv, which we still deem to be necessities.Why We Switched Up Our Budget

With the help of a free online budgeting service like Budget Tracker, Inc., we entered our information in and worked out what we had remaining from our paychecks to work with.

The answer was, not much. We allotted a little more to our 'socializing' budget, some for a night out or a date night but tried to keep that to a minimum.

At the beginning, we were so motivated that staying in was more of a matter of pride and principle but soon it became tiring. Constantly watching our bank balances and sacrificing our previous fun-packed social life became annoying when we were only saving at most a hundred dollars a month and often not even that. At first, we could convince our friends to come over and we had such great times that I was inspired to write a blog post about it, How to Have a Social Life Even When You Are on a Budget. What I did not realize was people will only continue to do that if they too are on a budget. Our friends did not understand why we were staying in and thought nothing of spending more than we were willing to on a night out.

We decided we needed to get radical. Something had to change. We had become lax with our budget and I was getting more and more emails from saying that we had overspent in different categories, which contrary to what they might believe is not the best way to start the morning! At the rate we were going, we would have taken forever to save up a larger downpayment. So we decided we had to get focussed on our apartment hunt and make the leap. It was time to bite the bullet and buy an apartment!

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ViennaVienna Nowell

Vienna currently resides in New York City, but is originally from London. She is a contributing writer under the A Straight Talk on Debt and Savvy Spender blogs. She and her husband are recently married and they are contemplating taking the nexgt big step and buying their first home.  They are still working their way through the process of buying an apartment, and Vienna and her husband are learning as they go. Vienna also writes a food blog Tiny Test Kitchen, is a freelance writer, chef and food stylist. Read more posts by Vienna here. Compensated CareOne Blogger

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