Don’t Go Broke, Break the Spending Habit

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Don’t Go Broke, Break the Spending Habit

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There's almost no escape when it comes to falling victim to last-minute food spending. With a vending machine around every corner inside and a drive-thru around every corner outside, it's no wonder how much we've been conditioned to dish out the loose change on on-the-go treats out of habit.

But when the drive to work, school or home is incomplete without a pit stop at the drive-thru and you can work your go-to vending machine blindfolded, it's time to rethink your spending habits.

While dishing out loose quarters on on-the-go snacks seems like a small price to pay, the expenses don't take long to rack up.

Cutting back on habitual food spending is easy to do when you do the simple math. Here's a look at the average workweek in the life of a habitual spender - and how much you can save on costs without cutting back on food:

Don’t Go Broke, Break the Spending HabitMonday

-Drive-thru coffee = $3.00

-Vending machine granola bar = $1.25


-Drive-thru coffee = $3.00

-Vending machine pretzels = $1.75


-Drive-thru coffee = $3.00

-Vending machine chips = $1.75


-Drive-thru coffee = $3.00

-Vending machine candy bar = $1.00


-Drive-thru coffee = $3.00

-Vending machine trail mix = $1.75

WEEK'S TOTAL: $22.50

Then there's the grocery store alternative:

  •             Ground coffee: $7 for 270 cups = 26 cents per cup
  •             Granola bars: $5 for 12 granola bars = 42 cents per bar
  •             Pretzels: $4 for a 35-serving bag + $3 for 100 Ziploc bags = 14 cents per bag
  •             Chips: $4 for a 10-serving bag + $3 for 100 Ziploc bags = 43 cents per bag
  •             Candy bars: $9 for 32 mini bars = 28 cents per bar
  •             Trail mix: $5 for 34 servings of peanuts + $3 for 17 servings of raisins + $4 for 8 servings of M&Ms + $3 for 100 Ziploc bags = 86 cents per bag


That's a staggering $19 saving on weekly food expenditures. So next time you get a craving for a quick, "cheap" pick-me-up, step away from the vending machine and opt out of the drive-thru.

All it takes to save big is a little bit of planning. It's no surprise that the average meal-planner ends up saving a whopping $40 to $100 a month.

So please, for the sake of your wallet, be a statistic.

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Sheri Alzeerah, Food on the Table BloggerSheri Alzeerah, Food on the Table Blogger

Sheri Alzeerah, a self-proclaimed "international hodgepodge," is proud to call Texas her home. Alzeerah was born in Canada, and moved to Texas in 1993 with her Bahraini/Iranian father, Filipina mother and two older brothers. As Food on the Table's editorial intern, she scouts out ways to save money on home-cooking and grocery-shopping. Her work can be seen in Texas Highways, Austin Monthly, UT's student newspaper and alumni magazine, various local newspapers and her personal food blog, Chow, Bella!

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  • So there I stood in the break room with a hand full of change, staring at the vending machine because the cafeteria was closed, and I perceived heading out to hit up a drive through would be more money than I wanted to spend. Not that I had time to do

  • I love to make my own trail mix.  I know what's in it and it is much more affordable

  • I like this. It is soooo hard to break the cycle of eating drive-thru and vending machines. I really had to make a choice of admitting I have a problem and to me that was and still is a big step in debtfreedom for me. I totally want to change. I am thankful I am apart of this place "Careone Credit".

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