Tips for Heating your Home Cheaply

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Tips for Heating your Home Cheaply

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Tips for Heating your Home CheaplyOne of the largest expenses that people have in the modern world is climate control- heating the home in the winter, and cooling it down in the summer. If people can find a way to lower their heating bills this winter, their bank accounts will really thank them, as it can make a huge difference financially.

Its winter - your home is allowed to be cool!

Something I've always wondered about is why people go to such lengths and pay so much money to heat and cool their house, to the extent that in the summer, you need a sweater or a blanket to be comfortable there, and in the winter, you swelter when wearing winter clothes. Embrace the season- if your home isn't somewhat chilly in the winter, when else should you wear all those cute sweaters that are sitting in your closet? Better wear them in the winter, when they're meant to be worn, and not the summer when you're meant to wear lighter clothing.

One of the first steps in lowering your heating bill is just lowering your thermostat temperature. Every degree makes a difference. Lowering your thermostat even lower at night, while everyone is in bed, can make your heating bill even more manageable without making you too uncomfortable. Down comforters, as well as layering warm fleece or flannel pajamas allow you to keep the thermostat down even lower during the night. Space heaters can be used as necessary in the few rooms that you may use at night, set on a timer so they don't use too much electricity.

Insulated homes save money

If cold air is coming into your house or the heat is escaping, you'll end up paying more for your heating. Make sure your home is well insulated. Use door snakes under doors to prevent drafts. Check window frames and door frames for any drafts by holding a lit candle near them; if the candle flickers, you've discovered a draft, which should be taken care of to help with the heating costs.

Lots of heat also escapes through windows. Keeping shutters closed, using heavy blackout curtains, or taping a layer of clear plastic over the window and securing all the sides are all methods of preventing the heat from escaping through the glass window panes.

Alternative heating methods

Boiling pots of water on the stove top will raise the temperature in the room by a few degrees easily, as does baking things in the oven. If you have an electric dryer, you can direct the exhaust pipe into your home to warm it up instead of letting the heat escape outside. (Do not do this with gas dryers as this can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.) Drinking hot tea and hot soups and stews warm you from the inside out. Hot water bottles can also be placed between your layers of clothes to keep you nice and cozy.

Free heating for your home

If you have a fireplace, burning firewood can be a good source of free heating for your home. A wood stove can spread the heat more efficiently throughout the whole house and not just in the room where the fire is burning. This is a one-time expense that can save lots of money in the long run.

Firewood can be purchased, but it can also be collected for free if you live near the woods. Alternatively, when a tree falls down in a storm, you can use chain saws to cut the tree into more manageable sized pieces and use that to heat your home, after allowing it to dry and age. Certain municipalities make the wood they cut down available for the taking, either for free or at minimal cost.

If you live in a cooler region, you probably won't be able to get away with paying nothing for heating. But with a few simple tips, hopefully your heating bills won't break the bank - at least not too much.

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  • I have learned to live very comfortably at 55 to 60 degrees temps.  Heavier clothes, lots of blankets, a fireplace, all help and I am much healthier in the cold that I ever was with 70 to 75 degrees heat.  No colds at all.

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