Update Your Home without Breaking Your Budget Every spring I start to feel the need to update and redecorate. It's probably because the time I spend indoors doubles in winter compared to summer, and it all just starts to feel blah after a time. Home renovations can be costly, but giving your home an update doesn't have to break your budget. 

The first thing I recommend is starting with a deep cleaning, closets included! 

I'm the kind of cleaner that likes to de-stash while I clean.  I like to separate items into garbage, recycling, donations and items to keep. It's amazing how much clutter a household can accumulate!  Once you've got the clutter out of the way, you can do what is often the quickest and cheapest update - rearranging. Bringing a chair from the guest room out to the family room and vice versa can make a room feel entirely different.  Moving a piece of art from a seldom used area of the home to a high traffic area can make it feel like a whole new piece.  Get creative with the décor items and furniture you have and try out different combinations.

Adding color is another way to rejuvenate your home.

It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do on the walls, on a piece of furniture, even decorative accents like picture frames, lamps, etc. I recently spray painted all of the frames that line our hallway. This is our "family pictures" wall. They were black resin frames; nothing special, but I spray painted them flat white. They brightened up the now darker hallway, since we painted the walls a "mushroom bisque" color last year. Another way to add inexpensive pops of color is with lamp shades, pillow slip covers, accent towels and table cloths.

When people think home updates, they often think expensive. Flooring, cabinets, and doors are often some of the most expensive items to replace. If that isn't in your budget, I recommend getting the most bang for your buck by replacing door knobs, drawer pulls, and outlet / light switch covers. When we bought our home, it had very outdated brass door knobs. It was amazing to see the difference it made by replacing them with oil rubbed bronze fixtures!  If it's in your budget, light fixtures are another relatively inexpensive way to update the look of your home.

So what do you do about the bigger projects on a budget? Checking with your local flooring stores for remnants and clearance sales can really pay off. My parents needed a large area rug for their living room, but didn't want to shell out $300+ on one. They checked their local carpet store and they were able to get a remnant that the shop put a finished edge on for under $100! While I haven't tried it myself, I've even seen paints for countertops, no sanding needed paints for cabinets and furniture, and similar items if you want to try your hand with more extensive do it yourself projects. 

And who can forget, with spring comes yard sales!

I love me some yard sales! I have made some lucky finds in new light fixtures, plumbing fixtures (i.e. bathroom faucet) and other great items at fractions of the retail cost.  Patience definitely pays off when updating your home on a budget. Watching sale ads, hitting a lot of "junk" sales before the good ones, and repurposing items you have will all pay off when you've given your home a fresh updated look without spending a fortune.

Ricki Pritchett from Rogue Baby, Guest blogger for leading provider of debt relief CareOne Services, inc.


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