We are answering our customer's top questions regarding their participation in the Debt Management Plan(DMP). We want our customers to find continued success throughout the plan by understanding what it takes to be successful.  

This month's question: Why Do My Creditors Keep Calling? Collection calls from your creditors are probably the most frustrating part of joining the Debt Management Plan (DMP). You know you are doing the right thing by enrolling and making the commitment to pay down your debt, and yet, the creditors just don't seem to get it. 

We understand your frustration with receiving collection calls and are here help. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to collection calls.  

  • Collection calls are typical the first three months.  It is typical to receive collection calls/letters until three consecutive payments have been made with your creditors through the plan. 
  • Creditors may try to intimidate you.  Please keep in mind that creditors may tell you a variety of things in order to intimidate and scare you into making a payment. If you receive a call from your creditor they may state: we have not received a proposal, we have not received a payment, we don't accept Debt Management Plans, or you must pay us over the phone right now, etc.
  • What you can do.  If you receive any of these types of calls it is important to answer the phone and calmly explain that you have hired someone to assist you with your debt and that the creditor should contact our Creditor Services Department 800-208-9048 or contact us.
  • Know your rights.  For more information regarding your consumer rights feel free to review Collection Calls Know Your Rights.  

While collection calls are frustrating, understand that they are a normal part of the process and things will get better as your creditors begin to realize you have made a commitment to pay down your debt. Don't let these calls get you down; stay focused on your goal of becoming debt free!  

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