The new community has been up and running for a few months. Change is always hard, but I think everyone is adapting well to the new community. Our goal is to provide the best user experience for you; so thank you for all of your comments and advice as we continue to evolve. 

There have been several posts between community members regarding the plan community members are on. The new community has implemented badges for just this purpose; to easily see what plan others are on! You will see DMP, DSP or On your Own (not on a plan) regardless of the forum a community member posts in. in. This way valuable information is visible to all community members all in one place! 

To ensure your plan status is visible to others, there is just one simple step to take. Log in to My CareOne, click on My Community, scroll down and select Edit badges in the badges gadget, and select to make your program badge public by clicking on Public.  

Wait there's more! We have many vary "active" members in our community. To reward them so to speak, (sorry guys it is not a steak dinner or a ham) we have also added community activity badges giving you newbie, active member and expert badges for active participation in the community. These are awarded based off of your points, thanks to several comments liking the points system. We are still working on displaying your points in your profile, but rest assured you are still accruing points as you did before.

We know you're working hard to become debt free. And we think you deserve recognition and support for all your hard work. Our badges are given to mark your achievements as you progress toward your goal of becoming debt free. Think of them as CareOne Community applause!

Suzanne Cramer

Suzanne is a Social Media Specialist for CareOne and a recently remarried mom of two boys.  She is a contributing writer for the Blended Finances blog & the Straight Talk on Debt blog. As a certified credit counselor her experience includes helping others manage their debt and has special expertise in the challenges that come with a blended family.