The second episode of our new Web TV series: FinanciallyFitTV is here! The goal of this series is to provide tips on managing your finances, and to share interesting stories from prominent bloggers and industry insiders, as well as our very own Clarky Davis, The Debt Diva

Our second episode, Frugally Fabulous Females, spotlights four women as they share tips on how to find inspiration for getting out of debt, where to cut expenses, and some astounding statistics on the state of debt among women.

Here are the highlights:

  • Christine Koh, founder of shares frugal tips for parents.
  • Nora Dunn, the professionalhobo shares how she took control of her financial freedom in a way you might not expect.
  • Jenny Realo, Chief Product Officer for CareOne Debt Relief Services reveals the results of a study of women in debt.
  • Clarky Davis, our very own Debt Diva shares her tips for raising financially fit kids.

 Click here to view the second episode of FinanciallyFitTV

You will be inspired by these women, their stories, and their lifestyles. Are you a frugally fabulous female? Feel free to share your tips and tricks with us in the comments.

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