TGIF! As I read through the blogs I follow this week I stumbled upon the Top 10 "Unusual" Uses For Duct Tape from @Wisebread.

This quirky post highlights 10 videos showing how to use this cheap, durable invention to do just about anything! My son, he's seven loves duct tape and whenever there's a problem we need to solve-duct tape is the answer.

Have fun with this one and please feel free to share your best duct tape ideas in the comments here, or on the Wisebread post.

Here are this week's links:

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•         Surprising Secrets of the Cheapskates Next Door @GRS - Sneak peak at Jeff Yeager's new book; how to live and be happy with less.

•         Why Won't Money Buy Happiness? @FinanciallyPoor - Money may make you happy in the short term but in the grand scheme of life happiness lies elsewhere. How does money make you feel?

If you read something you would like to share with the community, please do so in the comments! We would all love to see them!

Enjoy your weekend!

Suzanne Cramer

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