Financially Fit TV released its third episode, Dads Dealing with Debt. In this episode, host Nichole Kelly talks to several Dads to see how they are dealing with their finances and reveals some astounding statistics on the state of men and their debt.  

C.C. Chapman the founder of Digital Dads sits down and gives his tips for teaching your kids about finances, Baker from Man vs Debt tells you how to unautomate your finances, Steve Levin the Senior Director of Product Management for CareOne Services reviews why men have gotten into so much debt, and Clarky Davis-The Debt Diva gives you her tips for men to create their own personal bail out plan. 

This is must see TV, so if you haven't watched it yet, tune in now!

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Enjoy your weekend!

Suzanne Cramer

Suzanne is a certified credit counselor working in our Ask the Expert forums as a coach and a Social Media Specialist for CareOne. Suzanne writes for our Blended Finances and A Straight Talk on Debt blogs.  As a soon to be divorced single mom, Suzanne also writes for the Divorce, Debt, and Finances blog. Ask her questions, share your story or just follow Suzanne on her journey as she navigates dealing with divorce, debt, and finances. Suzanne is also very active on Twitter and manages two CareOne accounts: ADivorcedMom and Ask CareOne where she shares the latest debt industry news and tips to keep your finances in check.

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