How to Get My Budget Back in the Black After the Holidays

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How to Get My Budget Back in the Black After the Holidays

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If you are anything like me, you are dreading your first bank statement of the year.

No matter my good intentions, I usually overindulge during the holidays. Whether it is with food or spending, I always seem to regret it when it comes to looking at my bathroom scale or bank balance respectively.

While this blog post will not help you with your post-Christmas waistline, (for tips on fitness see my post "Keeping Trim While Trimming Our Budget" or the Debt Diva's "Frugal Fitness Guide"); it should help you get on the road to being able to relax when you open your next letter from the bank.

Hopefully you will have read my post in December, "This is THE Year I Will Save Money on Presents" and your statement should not be as bad as it has been in previous years.

Tips such as:

  • Only taking money to shop with you, rather than credit cards
  • Avoid impulse buys, never shop without a list 

All help to keep your December statement manageable but they also work in the long term.

I use these tips whenever I walk into a shop to pick up a birthday present or even picking up our weekly groceries at the store.

How to Get My Budget Back in the Black After the HolidaysBy leaving cards at home, I am only able to spend money that I have and I do not put myself in a difficult financial position.

Shopping with a list means you have a plan and can head off an impluse purchase in it's tracks, stick with the plan!

This month the weather is on our side! I'm not sure about you but I know that I prefer to stay in when the weather is cold like this.

I buy a large tin of cocoa, some mini marshmellows and whipping cream (which I easily whip myself, as it is less per ounce and it does not contain all the chemicals found in canned whipped cream) and spend time with my husband watching the winter television programming rather than going out.

I have a couple of posts with tips on how to save money just by being at home. "Rather than Eating Out, Try Eating In!"  and "How to Save Money When Buying Groceries for Two".

Both show that you can eat well, spend more time with your loved ones and still save money.

By staying in and spending less and by continuing to be contientious on what you do have to spend on the necessities, you should be back on track in no time!

The main thing to remember at this time of year is just because you feel as though you slipped up over the holidays, you should not beat yourself up over it.

This year is a new year and a new beginning. Let it be one where you focus on becoming and staying debt free.

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  • What great ideas.  Thank you for sharing.

  • Track your spending and identify expenses which can be cut. A budget or spending plan should be built to change, as our financial lives are very rarely steady. Set a realistic goal for savings, and work towards it every day.

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