I have to tell you that I just love being a Senior in the workforce. When Hubby and I first retired and moved to Florida, I didn't work for 18 months because I had COBRA as my health insurance coverage.

But after that ran out, I started to aggressively pursue a job that offered good health benefits. I had two more years to go before I would be eligible for Medicare and I knew that a private health insurance plan would be extremely costly.

Now that I am working fulltime, I absolutely love it because during those 18 months I was home retired, I actually got bored.

Seniors in the WorkforceMy mind just wasn't being stimulated and I sure missed my "own money" to spend on those non-essential items that women love to buy.

Latest statistics indicate that Seniors in the workplace outnumber teenagers for the first time since 1948.

Americans over age 65 in the workforce number about 6.6 million compared to 5.9 million for those ages 16-19.

These numbers are not so surprising when you consider the size of the baby-boomer generation.

They like to have fun but they also like to give back. Some people are working part time and some have to work in order to get medical issues settled.

One of my friends has been working at the Villages Charter School as a teacher for over eight years and does not intend to stop anytime soon. She told me that both necessity and the enjoyment of working factor into her choice to remain in the workforce. She is not ready to sit at home and play golf and cards while she can still do those things while she is employed

I really think that people living in The Villages fear that some day they may be an invalid and have to be homebound, so right now, while they are still healthy, they intend to stay very active and productive.

Our local bank estimated that nearly 60% of their 144 employees are over the age of 60. These employees want to stay challenged and they tend to make positive contributions in the areas of attitude, skill sets, and customer-service ethic.

Our bank appreciates their seasoned workforce, which embodies their core values of hard work, creativity, stewardship, and hospitality. The employees like the flexible hours and are willing to cut back their hours during the summer months when business is slower.

Without a doubt, so many of our workers simply enjoy being around other people and having daily interactions with them.

It can get terribly lonely if you are single and have limited outside activities to engage you.

Many of our folks here will tell you that they are never going to retire! They want to keep moving and be busy-- that's what keeps them sharp and healthy.

Most of us agree that working in The Villages is still like being retired.

We thoroughly enjoy our jobs.

We can have the pleasure of going dancing every evening in the square, hopping into our golf carts, and buzzing around town, attending one of the hundreds of classes that are offered for free, go to a movie or event in the "Church on the Square," attend a production at the Savannah Center, or go swimming at our local pool in the evening when we return home from work.

It's like a summer vacation here every day and that is why we are still growing so quickly and are now up to 80,000 people.

Where else can a retiree live, work, and have so much fun?

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