The infamous New Year's resolution - everyone makes one and almost no one follows through with it. 

I'm guilty of never sticking out my resolutions, but this year I'm standing strong. 

This year, my resolution was to pay all of my bills on time and to stay out of debt. 

So far, I've been doing great on making sure my bills are on time. How do I do it, you ask.Are you Standing Strong on your Financial Resolution? 

I schedule my payments to be automatically debited out of my account and make sure my budget is up-to-date, so that there is always enough money in my account to pay my bills. Having my bills paid on time helps me to stay out of debt and feel great about my finances.

My fiancé and I also made a resolution together, which is to save as much money possible to save for our 2012 wedding. 

We've been doing pretty well, but we're trying to get our finances in order before we start on the hard-core saving. 

In my opinion, saving money is one of the hardest things to do and one of the most difficult resolutions to keep. But, it can be done! We've already saved enough for the down payment on the reception hall, which is amazing.

Readers - what were your New Year's resolutions? Are you standing strong? Are they working out to your benefit? Please, share with us. 

I do hope that your resolutions are working to your benefit and that you have found balance where it was needed. 

For those who are not having any luck - it's not too late. 

You can throw out your resolution and declare a more reasonable one. Don't be afraid or feel silly making an "easy" resolution. 

New Year's resolutions are supposed to be something do-able that will better our lives. 

Make sure you take into account the time it will take, the amount of time you have to dedicate, your willingness, your ability, etc. Just stay focused and buckle-down, and you should be on your way to being a resolutions guru.

Best of luck to you all!

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Mary StolarikMary Stolarik

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