Download the Free Guide, Nine Things You Must Know to Succeed on a CareOne Debt Settlement Plan

A Straight Talk on Debt

A Straight Talk on Debt gives you the real deal on debt, straight from our employees and personal finance experts. Learn more about debt relief plans and how to be financially fit.

Download the Free Guide, Nine Things You Must Know to Succeed on a CareOne Debt Settlement Plan

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Download the Free Guide, Nine Things You Must Know to Succeed on a CareOne Debt Settlement PlanThe items outlined in this guide are what we consider to be the nine most important tips for success on our Debt Settlement Plan (DSP).

Providers of CareOne Debt Relief Services® work hard to support and assist those working toward financial independence.

This guide provides the insight and knowledge to take an active role in your own success, with items such as:

  • When-and how-to contact us
  • How to handle aggressive collection activities
  • What to do with extra earnings or bonuses received while enrolled on the plan
  • How to take advantage of the free tools and resources we offer

Just complete the form below to download the guide Nine Things You Must Know to Succeed on a Debt Settlement Plan as an easy-to-read PDF right to your computer.

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  • Doug and all those who agree with him... wouldn't it be nice if our president and congress felt the same way?

  • It seems Doug has been fortunate and without tragedies in his life.  Not everyone is that lucky.  It is true that some people live beyond their means (including our government), and his comments could be addressed to them.  But there are others who have astronomical medical bills caring for a family member with terminal cancer, a wife with small children who suddenly has lost her husband and is trying to make ends meet, etc.  You can't make a general statement like Doug has and apply it to every situation.

  • Doug and a couple of others sound like they work for the company. want to make you feel guilty about your debt and their way is the only way.

  • First, we must all realize that this world is made up of all types of individuals.  Who's to say that your opinion is better or worse than mine. However, regardless of how you think you may dot all of your "i" s and cross all your "t" s, life still happens.  If we all knew what the future was I'm quite sure that as humans we would still mess up.  Give yourselves and others a break.  Life happens with no guarantees.  Just make sure that when it is all said and done you WILL have that assurance of where you'll spend eternity.  May God help us all!

  • Oh yeah, read all the reply comments and I just laughed.  The subject was how to get out of debt, not how to deal with life's setbacks, individual misery or anything else that was not debt related.  You may scream at the truth all you want, but getting out of debt has a simple formula.  Because of life's circumstances it may be tough.  But none of that changes the truth.  Some people are hapless and helpless ... that doesn't change the truth.

    What some of you fail to understand is that "debt" by definition is owing someone because you got from them that which you did not have and they expect repayment.  That debt can be gratitude or it can be monetary.  But the inescapable fact is you owe someone.  If you owe money you seldom are released from that situation regardless of getting cancer.  And just to set the record straight, both my parents died form cancer (liver and ***) and dad died when my sister was a freshman in college.  She completed and so did I four years later.  But the my parents understood debt, understood planning ahead and took proper action regarding money matters.

    It's easy to pick the pathetic losers in a bunch of debt riddled party-goers, they're the ones who say their circumstances are unique, and that they should be given a pass and are always saying things like "it's not my fault" or "I'm a victim of circumstances" or "the government is to blame for my mess".   If that fits your situation, you need to face facts, stop living in a dream world, start working on the solution and drop all the efforts just to buy more toys with other people's money.

  • Never criticize your neighbor 'til you've walked a mile in his moccasins.

    But after that, you can say anything you wish about that rascal and get away with it.  (After all, you'll be a mile away, and he'll never catch you 'cause you've got his shoes!)

  • I paid off my mortgage with a 20% discount.  I moved all savings to Switzerland and opened a bank account in Swiss Francs.  My 2 cars are now paid off and I quit my job after the biggy bonus which was I must admit most unfair.  All this finalized  about two weeks ago. I had no idea of this down plunge.  I now at an advanced  age shall try and live on a very small Social Security Check.  Oh yes my small 12 unit apartment house also free and clear will pay for an occasional visit to the local bar.....I think I done right. I left the USAF early, resigned my commission and came back to Calif. So no pension which would have been about $4,500 a month. But I love civilian life and enjoyed my time working and climbing the ladder from Sales to Corporate Management.

  • "Hi. I'm Doug Glass and I was picked on alot in middle school, so now I'm making others feel bad on internet message boards. No, no, you can't tell me your sad stories BECAUSE I HAVE SADDER STORIES. Here, listen to one about my dead parents and how we remained debt free! Yay!"

    What a geeky bag ***.

  • this is a crock.    Seven years ago, we took the dave ramsey "Financial Peace" course, and have enjoyed being totally debt-free for over five years now!   My best advice:  throw the credit cards away, cut in pieces!   Start saving NOW for retirement!  Evaluate your "wants" versus "needs" and be brutally honest with what is not necessary!  We have the best feeling in the world about our financial state:  we owe No One, and we stick to our budget.  Believe me, it is SO worth it to not owe anyone, and be in total control of your money!   We now have more than we ever thought we would!   check out   and best wishes to you!   feel FREEDOM!!!  One of the best feelings you can possibly have!!!  We are living proof!

  • Doug said nothing wrong....he was exactly right. What does getting hurt or sick have to do with what he said? Of course you aren't going to be able to do as much as you could otherwise in extenuating circumstances! Everybody wants to blame somebody else!

  • I agree with Doug.  I think we all make choices on what debts we incur, whether it's running up a huge F**in hospital bill or buying a house.  Own your choices and stop complaining about your situation.  Maybe we should stop wasting money buying TVs, iPhones, new cars etc if we don't have the income to support it.

  • I had a wonderful life. For 26 years I never had to work, unless I wanted too, because my husband believed we'd take care of our own kids and not let them be raised by someone else.  So I was a stay at home mom, and enjoyed almost every minute of it.  Then in 2001, husband diagnosed with cancer of the throat.  For 7 long years, he fought this disease, by going thru chemo & radiation and then always returning to his self-run business.  Finally, in 2010, his body began to give up, not his spirit.  He was willing to do whatever it took to keep going but his body just couldn't.  It was this year, 2010, that he could no longer work and we tapped out our savings and our 401K just to live. July 2010 he died and all I was left with was a tiny life insurance policy, which we talked about increasing, but once you get sick that option is no longer cheap to do.  Now, I work full time and run the

    family business,just to stay afloat.  In 2010, we filed bankruptcy and thought life would get easier, but no, his dad died first, and then it became a plan to pay back the money we owed.  So life dealt me two blows.  Now, my full time job, along with the kids help, just keeps the house and the cars.  So, Doug, sometimes life gives you more than you can handle and no, life isn't fair.  You need to be in my place before you judge.  It wasn't about overspending, because we made plenty of  money, it was about getting sick and not being able to continue working and keeping up our modest lifestyle.    Besides, my husband of 26 yrs made 3xs the money I did being self employed, so why would I waste my paycheck to pay a sitter and take home nothing to show for all my hard work. I will overcome my hardship.  My life has just taken a detour and I need to get back on the right track, doing whatever it takes.

  • There are simple things to avoid living so much in debt.

    - Don't spend more than you make. Example: Stay with parents longer, save, buy a decent trailer + lot for $40k instead of 900k mansion. Buy a good used car for $2,500 instead of a $25,000 car. This gets rid of higher taxes, you own what you have, & you have extra money. Delay marriage a few years till you get where you need to be. Don't use credit cards. Be content with less.

    - I do feel sorry for those in need, but while not everything can be avoided, sometimes it is entirely possible. Example: Someone smokes 5 packs a day of cigarettes. They get cancer. Why smoke? Someone drinks 18 packs a week of beer, then get liver damage. Why drink? Someone eats 5 gallons of ice cream, fatty foods, & 5 soft drinks daily. Is it a wonder they get heart problems or die from diabetic conditions?

    * I am not saying ALL our problems are that way. Just that many times, people DO have a way to prevent these things from happening, but either greed, bad diet, lack of proper sleep & exercise, or a combination of the 3 adversely affect them & CAUSE the health problems. You won't hear beer, cigarette, or soda companies tell you that eating or drinking those is bad. They make billions!

    Our country really needs to go back to its roots. This is what is wrong, when you let billionaire companies tell us it's perfectly ok, even desirable to drink, smoke, eat unhealthy, & do drugs!

    Now, this may not fix ALL the problems, but it sure will go a long ways!

  • Nine whole different things?  Why so many?  I can solve the entire thing with just one single step:  DON'T BORROW MONEY!  

    Now, imagine where y'all banksters would be if we serfs refused to borrow our own money from you, eh?

  • Where's the actual story?

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