5 Ways to Save Bucks and the Environment

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5 Ways to Save Bucks and the Environment

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This month is "Going Green Can Save You Green" month at CareOne. As we all can, I try to benefit financially from being green. As much as I love helping Mother Earth, I love saving money a little bit more!

I want to share five ways that save me a few dollars each month because they add up quickly, and every little bit helps.

1. Many traditional power companies are listening to their consumers and offering alternative "green power." Some are even offering incentives for switching over, offering lower cost power and the ability to lock-in the current rate for a set time. If your power company is not offering incentives, look into your state tax benefits and see if you would be eligible for a rebate on your next return.

5 Ways to Save Bucks and the Environment2. If you live in a climate that is predominately sunny, not only are you very lucky, but you also could cut out the electric middleman, or at least subsidize your bill. By that I mean, you could install solar panels and create your own sustainable power at home. While the initial cost of pre-made panels is high, there are plenty of instructional sites online to help you make your own for a much lower cost. Remember also that you will be eligible for lots of tax breaks which will bring down costs in the way of rebates, credits, and incentives.

3. We have opted to switch to paperless billing. While there is not a charge yet for traditional paper bills, which inevitably end up in the trash, there has been talk of starting one in the future. Switching has not saved us any 'green' directly per se, but we find it a whole lot harder to forget to pay our bills when they are sitting and staring at us from our email inbox. As a result, we do not incur any of those nasty late fees. I love the "schedule at a later date" payment option as well. Weeks earlier, you can set a date online for the day after you get paid but before your balance is due and not have to worry about the payment again.

4. Have you noticed a sneaky charge that some supermarkets and discount stores have been adding to your grocery bill? In ten states, and counting, every time you buy a can or a bottle, you get charged a "bottle deposit." It varies from five to ten cents per container but it has been a proven way to increase recycling. So, remember to separate those cans and bottles out from your regular trash to make sure you get that money back. Some grocery stores have bottle banks outside where you can claim your money back, making it even easier for you to get your deposit right away.

5. Another way to save at the grocery store is to bring your own reusable bags with you to package up your food. Some states, including Washington, New York and California, have begun adding a fee or a tax per plastic bag that is used. This is a simple fee to avoid--just bring your own canvas bag which is not only stronger and more comfortable to carry but that also helps you make a fashion statement during your weekly shopping trip!

There are plenty of ways to save money by going green, as both the federal and state government realize that we need help to save our environment. The incentives offered to become greener really can help us save green!

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