Summertime and Making Extra Money is Easy

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Summertime and Making Extra Money is Easy

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Summer - a great time of year to play outside, get a tan, and make some extra cash

Summertime and Making Extra Money is EasyIf you want to be in the business of making money this season:

  1. Get creative
  2. Be willing
  3. Be diligent

Part-Time Like a Rockstar

If you have a full-time job and still want to make a little extra money this summer, then consider working part-time. Working evenings and weekends at a retail store could do you some good, but summer offers some unique opportunities to make some extra dough.

Here are some ideas:

  • Consider cutting grass for your neighbors.
  • Have a car washing service for your neighbors and friends on the weekends. No, you don't have to be a cheerleader to do this. You'll have to buy supplies, but you'll definitely make money.
  • Walk dogs or pet sit. A lot of people go out-of-town during the summer, which means they need someone to watch their furry friends. If you love animals, this would be a perfect job for you.
  • Lifeguard at your local, public pool or work as a camp counselor at a weekend summer camp. This is a great idea, because summer camps and public pools are always looking for help.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding part-time work during the summertime - just make sure you think outside the box.

Turn Your Trash into Treasure

The summer season is famous for folks having garage sales. Garage sales, in my opinion, are one of the best and easiest ways to make some extra money.  All you need to do is go through your attic and/or basement and set out all of things you don't want and then sell them.  It's that simple!  Consider having a sale every weekend, because the longer you're open, the more you'll sell, and the more money you will make.

There are definitely many more ways to make extra money this summer and if you need some help finding ideas consider using a job search tool like or post flyers around town letting people know you're looking for work. 

If you're creative, willing, and diligent then you should have no problem finding work and making money.

What are some jobs you do over the summer to make extra money? 

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