Straight Talk on Debt: We all Make Mistakes

A Straight Talk on Debt

A Straight Talk on Debt gives you the real deal on debt, straight from our employees and personal finance experts. Learn more about debt relief plans and how to be financially fit.

Straight Talk on Debt: We all Make Mistakes

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Let’s face it when it comes to our finances sometimes we make mistakes. Maybe we make a bad investment, forget to save for a rainy day or even worse, forget to budget!

MistakesThis week our very own Travis Pizel wrote a guest post for @enemyofdebt entitled Don’t Stink. Budget!   He says, “If I don’t exercise, I’ll gain my weight back and most likely cause a decline in my overall health. But what about budgeting? By budgeting I mean creating AND sticking to that budget. For my overall financial well being, budgeting is very necessary.”

Like I said we all make mistakes when it comes to our finances, but not placing importance on creating and sticking to a budget may cost you and put you in debt. Check out this week’s reading for tips to keep your finances mistake free!

Free from Debt

·        Overcoming Financial Mismanagement: 9 Steps to Financial Freedom  @ChristianPF  “Successful financial management is the way financial independence is achieved, but unfortunately, many people mismanage their finances. If you’re one of them, financial independence is mostly wishful thinking.”

·        Understanding Debt [Part I]  @MattJabs  “Statistically speaking, it’s very likely you’re in debt. Although the data is all over the place, most people agree that somewhere around 80% of people (excluding minors) have debt. There are many ways you can borrow money, so I wanted to take a look at the different types of debt and my thoughts on each.”

·        3 Commonly Overlooked Skills For Turning Around Your Financial Life…  @manvsdebt  “Many financial experts choose to focus all their time and energy on tangible formulas, benchmarks, and percentage-based rules of thumb. In doing so, they completely ignore the most essential skills!”

·        5 Reasons to Get Out of Debt  @MyDollarPlan  “I know that people get into debt for any number of reasons – and sometimes, life circumstances really do just require it. But I also know that there are some people who have the income to pay off existing debt and start living a debt-free life. There’s any number of online resources to tell you HOW to get out of debt…but if you haven’t taken advantage of one yet, it may be because you haven’t realized WHY you should want to eliminate debt.”

Change your Attitude

·        Intimidation is Just a Word  @MoneyCrush  “Get past it, and you’ll be successful by trying new things — and then not letting failure get you down if they doesn’t go 100% perfectly the first time. Failure is feedback, and a message to adjust and keep right on trying. And when you do succeed, it’s sweet.”

·        The High Cost of Immediate Gratification  @jeremyvoh  “You walk into the store, select the item that you want and walk out with very little concern for your finances. That is, until you get your monthly credit card statement and see how much these spur-of-the-moment purchases have cost you.”

·        Plan Your Spending – How to Spend on Your Wants as You Save  @arohan  “The good news is that you can get the money to do what you want — if you plan for it. This usually means allocating money for your goals ahead of time.”

Get Your House in Order

·        What To Do With Paper Clutter?  @BoomerandEcho  “The non-stop stream of paper we get into our homes on a daily basis can be almost unmanageable. From bills to receipts, warranties and junk mail, we all need a system to toss what we don’t need, manage what we might need and be able to retrieve something when necessary.”

·        Who Runs Your Financial Household? Is it a One Captain or Two Captain Ship?  @MJTM  “It seems to me that notwithstanding clichés, but having two captains would be too many cooks in the kitchen and too many chiefs.”

Suzanne Cramer 

Suzanne is a certified credit counselor for CareOne Debt Relief Services and is a Social Media Specialist. Suzanne supports our Ask the Expert forums as a coach and writes for our A Straight Talk on Debt and Divorce, Debt and Finances blogs. You can also follow Suzanne on Twitter where she shares the latest debt industry news, and tips to keep your finances in check with her @AskCareOne and @ADivorcedMom accounts. 




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