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Dress to Impress This Halloween

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Double, double, boil and trouble -- Halloween is near and you need a costume!   

Dress to Impress This Halloween Every October the Halloween "holiday" takes over and the month is filled with Halloween parties, trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, and of course, costume shopping. 

Having the perfect Halloween costume is an essential to every spooky-themed party, but most Halloween costumes can be very expensive. I saw a pirate costume for adult women that cost $60! To avoid breaking the bank this year, consider conjuring up your costume from items you have around the house or from simple items from the store. 

Here are some ideas

Classic Mummy:  A popular, yet classic Halloween costume is a mummified character. Instead of purchasing this costume, make it yourself with toilet paper! All you'll need is a few rolls of thick toilet paper (the number of rolls depends on your size) to wrap all around your body.  Leave a small opening for your eyes, so that you can see. Let some pieces hang for a spooky effect - maybe even add some ketchup to make it extra eye-catching. If you don't want to use toilet paper, try using old bed sheets or white bandages. 

Ghost:  Another classic Halloween character is a spooky ghost. All you'll need for this costume is a large, white bed sheet. Just cut out two holes for your eyes and throw it over your body - maybe make some ghostly sounds to really get in to character. 

Construction Worker:  This costume may seem like it could only work for men, but it's a great idea for women and children, as well. All you'll need for this costume is a plastic hard hat ($2 at local drug store), a plaid shirt or vest, and some jeans. If you have work boots - even better! Add some dirt to your hands and clothes for a final touch. If the construction worker costume isn't working for you, trade in your hard hat and work boots for a cowboy hat and spurs. 

Vampire:  Recently, the classic vampire with a suit and cape began going out of style. Due to popular movies and TV shows, the vampire has evolved significantly to a more modern, human-looking creature. To look like one of these modern, blood-sucking ghouls, all you'll need are some everyday clothes, fangs, and light makeup to make your skin look pale. You can even add a light touch of color to your lips to draw attention to your mouth. 

These are only some ideas for a budget-friendly Halloween costume and there and many, many more ideas to be thought of. Get creative and think classic or out-of-the-box to make your costume. Conjuring your own costume is not difficult; all that is required is an imagination, a little time, and some simple items you may already have.   

Treat yourself to a fun and festive Halloween costume this season, without being tricked into spending tons of cash. 

What are some frugal Halloween costume ideas you have? Have you ever made your own Halloween costume? Please, share with us all of your treats, tricks, and stories! 

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  • I love your ideas! The vampire idea reminds me of my 6 year old "vampire" daughter last year. My wife made her look just like a vampire...white face and evil teeth...the whole thing. Actually kinda cute. However, she was so excited to be a vampire that she fell on the ground outside while running around in costume. She scraped her knee and cried. All the tears streaked the white face paint and fake blood down her face and when she came up to me she actually looked more scary than any movie vampire I ever saw!

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