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Share The Wealth: Enter Today!

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What do you do to make life on a budget more enjoyable, easier, and just plain better? How do you manage fun and your money at the same time?  

Enter our monthly Share the Wealth contest, and tell us your solution to some of life's challenges-your answer could win you a $250 gift card! 

Share The Wealth: Enter Today!

Each month, we'll post a new question and look for your innovative answers.  

How to Enter 

It's easy to enter; you can share your answer for a chance to win in any of the ways below: 

This Month's Question 

What is the best gift you've either given or received that involved more creativity than expense? 

Last Month's Winning Question & Answer 

Q: How you plan on staying stress-free through the holidays?  

A: "I will plan, plan, plan! I prepare food that has few ingredients (to keep cost low) and write down all gifts I want to purchase before I head to the store. I also put a spending limit on each gift I purchase. I don't exchange with the people I love most because they understand we are trying to get back on our feet. Planning ahead for everything keeps me stress-free!" Melissa H., Montpelier, VA 

Official Rules

Of course there are a few rules and regulations; be sure to check them out here. 

All entries must be received by December 27, 2011 to be considered. 

We look forward to your answers and hope to see you in the Winner's Circle next month! 


Suzanne CramerSuzanne Cramer  

Suzanne is a certified credit counselor and a Social Media Specialist for CareOne Debt Relief Services. Suzanne writes for Divorce, Debt and Finances and A Straight Talk on Debt. Follow Suzanne on Twitter @ADivorcedMom  and @AskCareOne where she shares her insights on divorce and managing your finances.


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  • The best gift that I have given was just recently to my cousin.  She just got married, so I used her left over programs, menu cards, and some pictures to make a sentimental Christmas ornament for their wedding/Christmas gift.  It turned out beautiful!  The best creative gift I have received was a homemade dinner and poem from my husband.

  • @kwisti That is a fantastic idea to use memorabilia for an ornament! Best of luck in the contest! :)

  • My sister took calligraphy lessons last year some time. And then she wrote a long letter with new art and sent with Xmas card. The whole family loved it so much and will treasure it forever I am sure.

    herry123_us at live dot com

  • The best gift I ever received was from my six year old daughter. She made a beautiful book and included pictures of our family. Priceless to me :)

  • @hminnesota I absolutely love the look of calligraphy--my dad tried to teach me when I was younger alas I never got the hang of it! Good luck in the contest!

    @monica carbajosa I too love to make and receive photo books--those memories last forever!  

    Good luck in the contest!

  • @CareOneWorks best way to budget+ have fun = focus on friends/fam, not materials. And stay up2date on coupon sites! #SharetheWealth ;))

  • Looking back at all those items I have accumulated that were "wants" and not "needs", I realize they may mean something to someone else. I know the old cliche about "re-gifting" but some thing I have are brand new.  Be realistic about the thought of the item not the price tag.  Even though it doesn' t mean that much to you, it may to someone else!

  • I made a lego airplane for my son which took me about 4 hours total. I wanted to make him something original from what he had laying around in his room. He opened it up and knew right away they were his legos. But he was thankful for it and has kept it in his room on top of his book shelf ever sense.

  • I like making small goals and making them. So, if the family and I want to go on a small weekend vacation. Each week after the bills are paid we take $25 (sometimes more) and put it into savings. This is way we reward ourselves for paying the bills and saving money.  I get a since of achievement knowing my bills are paid and we reward ourselves with a something small.

  • My husband and I are going to make a meal together. Set the table with tablecloth, candles, napkins all the little details that create a special feel. I know we will get out of it what we put into it. We will dress up for the occasion and most important is to "Listen" to each other and choose to see the good in each other. We are also going to take the time to make cards thinking about the other person and what they like. Be kind (not critical). Giving is the key. For this to work and be special both must be willing to participate. It can be our best Valentines Day yet!

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