We are talking to CareOne customers enrolled in our Debt Management or Debt Settlement plans.  These customers are sharing their experiences with debt relief plans, how credit counseling has changed their relationship with finances and much more!

This week we put the spotlight on Jade Licon, known in our community as JadieKatie.

How did you hear about CareOne?

Google Search

What debt relief plan are you enrolled in and how much debt did you start with?

The CareOne Debt Management Plan and I started the plan with $16K in debt.

What caused you to seek help with your debt?

I was paying so much in interest, I knew CareOne could lower interest payments and put more money towards the principal.

Why would you recommend CareOne to your family and friends?

I don't have to try as hard to be disciplined; CareOne takes a lot of that off my shoulders.

How has CareOne given you a second chance?

I don't feel I have that chance yet, but once I've been on the Debt Management Plan a few more months I am confident my second chance will come with less stress, less debt and more freedom!

What advice would you give to those who are searching for debt relief options?

Research companies and go with the option that best suits you.

Tell us something about yourself; a favorite hobby or a quote that helps you stay motivated? 

"We all have the same amount of time in a day, but how we use it will determine our success in life. By setting goals you are focusing your time on achieving what you want"