Cut Back or Cut It Out?
I am sure you are familiar with the triple bundle packages offered by the local cable company.  The triple bundle offers phone, internet, and cable TV service for a low monthly cost.

A few months ago I realized my bill was going up, up, and far away from the expected expense on my budget sheet. I took the time to review several previous months' statements and realized a few things had happened.  


The carrier had increased their fees on each of the three services. This added up to a difference of approximately a 6% increase. 


Cable TV - I like movie channels just like the next person, but realized that I was paying another $40 a month for these channels.

Internet service - I had the highest speed available. I am not uploading and downloading enough to have this speed. Yes, I like fast internet, but this was not a necessity.

Telephone service - I reviewed this portion of the bill to determine I was paying $30 a month and in the last six months I had only made and received a little over 60 phone calls on my home number. That's an average of 10 calls a month. I had one of my famous "aha" moments that sounded something like this, "You have been paying $30 a month for 10 calls . . . You use your cell phone most of the time . . . Why did you get a home number again?"

I called the cable company to try to negotiate or get a special and was told that I was not eligible for any promotional offers. I decided that I needed to cut back or cut something out altogether. 

Enter the magicJack commercial, or magicJack Plus to be exact.   

I had one of these little gadgets years ago but listened as the infomercial explained how I could save money and never have a monthly bill again. I made my purchase online and within weeks I had spent a total of $89, including my phone number porting, and started using it. My next bill, due next year, will be $19.95 for the entire year. I will be saving over $300 a year and the best thing is that the product works for my basic home phone needs.

My next call was to the cable company. I made sure the phone service was discontinued, reduced my internet speed, and accepted a special offer for the movie channels. I reduced my monthly bill by over $60.  

I am always looking for ways to cut back or to cut something out to save money and it is paying off! What are some ways you have found to save?

Coach Tammy Bradford, CareOne Ask the Expert Community ForumsCoach Tammy

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