Share the Wealth: May's Contest Begins Enter Today!

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Share the Wealth: May's Contest Begins Enter Today!

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What do you do to make life on a budget more enjoyable, easier, and just plain better? How do you manage fun and your money at the same time? Enter our monthly Share the Wealth contest, and tell us your solution to some of life's challenges. Each month, we'll post a new question and look for your innovative answers. You could win a $250 gift card!

Share the WealthThis month's Share the Wealth Question is: 

How do you talk about debt with your family?

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All entries must be received by May 22, 2012 to be considered. 

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Summertime childcare can get expensive. What's your best strategy for keeping kids occupied and safe over the summer?


Child care during the summertime is very expensive, but if you become a member at the Boys and Girls clubs, child care is free during the summer.  If there is not a Boys and Girls club near your home you could look into signing your children up for the YMCA or summer recreation in your neighborhood.  These organizations have art classes, sports and tons of other activities for your children to be involved in.  The children will have the opportunity to engage with other children in the community and some of the centers have gyms for the parents.  I hope this information is useful!  Have a great summer.  Brandy M.  Las Vegas, NV

Our Other Favorites:

"Start a summer garden and put the kids "in charge". Learning to garden is an invaluable skill and despite popular opinion it involves a lot of things kids love - playing in the dirt, making something and making things happen. The vegetables from the garden also help reduce the family food bill and the kids are filled with pride when the food they grew is served at dinner time. It's also a sneaky way to get kids to learn to love to eat their veggies! It does require some supervision and education, but not constant supervision, and you may be surprised by how well they take care of their garden." - Jean G. Norfolk, VA

"Many communities have summer recreation programs that are run by the local park district.  They plan activities for every age group.  Some even have day camps that last for 2 weeks.  Usually, there is a small enrollment fee (less than $5.00) for each activity you would like your kids to attend.  The kids can be busy all summer with these programs, or they can attend as few or as many as their parents can afford."  - Tique, Community Member

"I plan to work two doubles instead of four singles.  That way I only pay for two days of child care.  I will probably send her to YMCA day camp a few days a week too." - Melissa Q. Haslett, MI

"Take lots of trips to the library for a break from the summer heat. They typically have a number of kid's enrichment and reading programs (learning helps reduce boredom). Family outings and projects can also be a fun way to keep kid's busy and together with family and friends. Finally time spent at the church playground is a must. Again it is free and a good place to visit with like-minded adults while the kids are having fun." - Win G. Rochester, PA

"My family started camping last summer  Granted there was an initial investment; however this summer we have everything we need and we can go camping  several weekends for practically no cost (other than the camp site rental which is usually about $20 from Friday - Sunday and food).  You can always look for discounted items online as well.  It's a great opportunity for us, the kids, and our little dogs to enjoy the outdoors together.  Most camping sites offer a great deal of entertainment for children & teens.  Another thing we did last summer was get the family super soaker water guns.  We break off into teams and have a blast running around the back yard trying to soak one another.  Great summertime fun!" - Misty W. Sylvania, OH

"One summer I hired a college student.  She was home for the summer and taking a class at the local college.  She came to my house each morning.  The kids got to sleep in, little reminders, help with their morning chores and had a great breakfast!  Some days the young lady would take them to the park, the zoo or swimming.  Lots of days they just spent the day lying around the house reading outside in the shade under the trees.  The sitter enjoyed doing crafts with them and playing games.  Lunch time was also fun since they could make their own sandwiches (some were quite creative).  It worked out very well for me and my kids.  The young lady also liked it because she did not have to work weekends, nights or odd shifts.  She also had the chance during the day to work on her studies for her summer class.  It was a great summer for everyone and much less expensive than daycare." - Pam E. Waverly, IL

"Our city has movie nights at the park. During summer break we pack up our lawn chairs and blankets with a picnic basket and take the whole family to the movies.  We see our neighbors and friends there and it's a family night of fun once a week during.  We also like to take the whole family to the local bike trails to ride our bikes and walk for miles for exercise."  - Lisa R. Rancho Cucamongo, CA

"The YMCA has many programs to keep a child busy over the summer.  They can also become the owner of their own little business; such as a frozen kool-aid cup stand or a frozen drink stand on a hot summer day.  Kids can go camping in the backyard with friends, volunteer their time at the SPCA or attend summer camp programs or vacation bible school." - Emerald S.  Humble, TX

"As a parent of five children, summer has always posed a dilemma for our family. We have found that if you research your town and local area there are a lot of day-camp summer programs that are at a reduced cost or even free. You can also go to your town hall to inquire about their summer camp programs. Many town programs run from 8-4 and cost only a fraction of what a daycare would charge. Our town for example has a summer program that employs local teens (who have taken a CPR and First Aid course in child care) and cost only $40 per child a week. That is a huge discount compared to a day care which could easily run up to $220/wk for one child. I hope this helps!" - Patricia S. Oakdale, CT

"We are going to trade days with other parents of our son's 2 friends on MWF.  We drop off after breakfast and pick up before dinner to keep it a one-meal engagement for all of us.  Hosting friends makes that day easier, because they can occupy themselves with games and goofing. Ivan A. San Francisco, CA "

"To help with the cost of childcare over the summer I have my newly retired mother watch the kids for me 1 or 2 days a week and provide her with a list of free activities in the area to keep the kids busy. I also swap one day of childcare with a friend because I don't work on Mondays and she has another day off during the week. This way we can both save money and our kids get to play together and have fun!" - Julie F. Marysville, WA

We look forward to your answers and hope to see you in the Winner's Circle next month!   

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  • Well, When I talk about debit to my family, I talk to them openly about my experience. I talk about how I look back and see it so clearly now,  how I  got myself into this mess. I talk about realizing that I needed help and I seeked help. Also talk them about how I begun this program with CareOne and I am nine months into it. It is going to be a rough road but it will be rough for awhile.  How it helps to be part of CareOne and find inspiration. And I know this is my solution, to be able to live a debit free life. I talk to them about it becuase I don't want them to make the same mistakes that I have made. And to those that are in debit situations for them to know that they are not alone and it's a matter of finding a solution. I enjoy talking about it because it keeps me optimistic and I find encouragement and I hope that I give encouragment by talking about my experience openly.

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