We are continuing our featured segment for the My Journey out of Debt blog; CareOne Community Member Spotlight!

We are placing the spotlight on some of the familiar members you see engaging in the Community.

This week we are talking with Lauren Taylor, known in our community as JohnnaJovi.

How did you hear about CareOne? 

About four years ago I was watching television before heading off to work. I saw a commercial for CareOne Debt Relief Services and I called the number on the screen. The person I spoke with told me that did not have to do everything right then, that I could also enroll online. That is what I did and it was easy to set up all my creditors, list the total balances for each bill. 

My Debt was paid off in February of 2012. I had started with over $3500.00 in debt.

What caused you to seek help with your debt? 

My ex-husband and I were divorced in 2007. He paid off his half of the debt. Since I didn't have the money and I needed help, I sought debt counseling.

Would you recommend CareOne to your family and friends? 

CareOne is AWESOME!!!!! (Sorry for the caps!)

I have recommended CareOne to 2 of my friends on Facebook. Every time I talk to these friends they tell me how happy they are and how relieved they feel.  

What keeps your motivated to reach your financial goals? 

Hmmmmmmmmm, let me see my favorite quote that I live by is "Life is all about choices it's up to you and the choices you make."

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