My friend and fellow divorce blogger Mandy Walker recently released an ebook "Visioning Your Life After Divorce" it is absolutely free and full of great advice, support and guidance to create your vision of life after divorce.

After interviewing over eighty women as they went through or dealt with divorce Mandy found a common theme, each struggled to develop a vision of what life would be like after divorce and Mandy's ebook and related workbook are designed to do just that, help women create a vision of their new life.

The workbook asks the important questions listed below and will definitely help anyone struggling to regain control of their life after facing a divorce.

  • Why do people facing divorce need a vision?
  • Does everyone need a vision?
  • When should I start this process?
  • Is the process different if I didn't initiate the divorce?
  • How do I create a vision?
  • What if I can't imagine my future?
  • How do I capture all of this?
  • What's next?

As with your finances going through a divorce requires having a plan. Your divorce attorney can help you decide how you will handle things like assets, child support and alimony and develop a plan for the divorce itself. A therapist, friend or close family member may be able to help you develop a plan for dealing with your emotions. But your vision, that needs to come from you.

This ebook shares real women's stories of how they triumphed through their divorce and the steps you can take to develop a plan to create your vision.

Visioning life after divorce is a great guide for anyone facing divorce and an excellent way to help you regain control of your life. I encourage anyone feeling lost after divorce to read the book and answer the important questions. You will be sure to gain a new perspective on what your life could be like after divorce.


Suzanne Cramer, CareOne Services, Inc. Social Media Specialist and Ask the CareOne ExpertSuzanne Cramer

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