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Potluck Wine Tasting

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When my wife renewed our wine club discount card, we learned that it had some benefits that we previously did not know about. One of them is a discount on wine tasting events held in our city. Vonnie and I have attended wine tasting events previously, and really enjoy them.

While wine tastings are a great way to be exposed to a lot of different new kinds of wines, they do have their downfalls. One of them being that a ticket can cost up to $30 a piece. Our discount card will save us 10% off that price, but the price of two tickets is still a significant amount of money.

We were discussing this with some friends of ours when we came up with the idea of hosting our own wine tasting. We decided to invite friends to get together for a potluck wine and beer tasting event. We requested every attendee bring a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer that they enjoy to share with the group.

We had ten couples participate, so we had 20 "entries" into the event. We had a great variety of beverages. Red wines and white wines, dry wines, and dessert wines. Dark beers, light beers, and even homemade beer.

While our event didn't have nearly as many different types of beverages as a professionally hosted event, it did have several advantages:

1.) Cost: At an average price of around $10 per item, it was considerably less expensive.

2.) Location: I felt much more at ease to be myself and socialize with my friends in the comfort of my own home.

3.) Kid Friendly: Kids are always welcome at events we host at our home. The kids played with each other running around the yard, going to the nearby park, and playing video games. No need for anyone to pay a babysitter!

4.) Full Servings: At a professional event, you just get a small taste of each beverage. At our event, you can enjoy a full serving!

We finally called it a night at about 1:30 a.m., with everyone having a great time. Our living room looked like a giant slumber party with children scattered across the floor, each one with a pillow and blanket, and a movie playing on the TV.

For about $20, my wife and I had a fun evening with our friends, and didn't even have to leave the house. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Just because we're in debt doesn't mean we can't enjoy life and have a good time.

We just need to be more creative.

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  • I love it when people do things like this inside their home! I want to do a wine tasting, but being in my twenties most everyone would probably bring coors.

  • You're too funny L Bee!  One of the things we mentioned when inviting people was that people should bring either a.) something they had never tried before and b.) not "common" brands.  I agree with you, the purpose isn't necessarily to get a pile of Coors and White Zin.  :)

  • That sounds like a lot more fun then going to a typical wine tasting!

  • I can say without a doubt it was, Mdavis1964.  :)  The only thing that was "missing" from our event was the ability to be exposed to a large number of new wines.  But ours was definitely more fun!

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