How Much Would You Pay For a Haircut?

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How Much Would You Pay For a Haircut?

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How Much Would You Pay For a Haircut?
I haven't paid for a haircut for myself in over ten years. Looking at my picture, it's pretty obvious why. For the follicle challenged, getting a haircut is as easy as breaking out the clippers (I got mine as a gift) and swiping them along the scalp until it's nice and shiny again.

However, for a wife with long, luxurious locks, a teenage son, and a young daughter that is already very aware of self-image, things are not as simple.

When the kids were younger, we'd take them to the budget haircut shop. 

Neither child knew the difference between a good haircut and one that was just a little "off." Sometimes the result was great, sometimes it wasn't. But if it wasn't perfectly done, it wasn't noticeable-especially  on little kids who are always messy and dirty anyway. 

But now that they're a little older, if my son's Bieber-like hair doesn't lay right, or my daughter's hair is a little uneven, they notice. A lot. I'm talking about tears here, people.

So we took my son to a professional salon to get his hair cut. When it was done, the stylist informed us the damage was $33. After adding a tip, it was closer to $40. 


That was a bit steep for a haircut. We began investigating more cost-effective ways to get our kids a haircut, while maintaining the quality that a high-maintenance teenager demands. If you find a stylist you like at one of the budget places, by all means ride that train as long as you can. But if you've been having trouble finding a good deal on a quality haircut, here are some tips to get one as inexpensively as possible from a professional salon: 

Skills Exchange: If you know someone who is a hair stylist, you can exchange skills. We have such a friend, so we exchanged haircuts for technical computer support for years. We've grown apart from this friend a little, so this deal has kind of fallen by the way side.

Be a model:  While we don't see our friend on a personal level (as she has moved across town and we don't want to inconvenience her), she does let us know when she has an employee that needs "models" to practice on to advance to the next stylist "level." Often they are looking to get practice in, and fast. The cost of these haircuts ends up being just the tip to the stylist.

Ask Questions: If you're going to a salon, ask for the "level" of stylist and cost before you book an appointment. The higher the level, the higher the cost. At one local salon, a haircut for a teenager can range from $22 to $33 depending upon the level of the stylist. When we can't use one of the first two options, we have a lower level stylist that does a great job. We ask the price each time, as a stylist may change levels in between visits.

Haircuts aren't cheap, which is a hard pill to swallow for someone who hasn't had a stylist touch his scalp in over a decade. Using the above tips have helped us keep our family's hair maintenance costs to a manageable level. 

Do you wince at the price when it's haircut time in your house? How much do you pay?

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  • @Travis We are very lucky at our house my boyfriend is also follicle challenged and does not require salon visits and I cut my sons hair; he's 9 and has been sporting the very easy to cut mohawk for 2 years now :) So that leaves me. The haircut isn't so bad around $25 plus tip, but the color ouch can be over $100. I stretch my visits as long as possible usually at least 3 months, even though they say to come back in 4-6 weeks.

  • So far we have been lucky. My daughter has given to Locks of Love 3 times so far. She grows her hair out until it is long enough to donate. She does get a trim occasionally but she is fine with the discount place. Hair that is all one length is best so her hair cut is super easy. It cannot be colored or processed to donate so that never happens although with her Asperger's she would probably never be willing to do that anyway. Plus when it comes time for the big cut they do it for free. Daryl and I are both pretty low maintenance. I have gone to nice places with my sisters but I tend to keep a style that is easy to cut so it does not matter. I also go a long time between cuts by trimming my bangs myself. I usually can wait until we get the free one with the loyalty card since my husband has to have his cut regularly. My son... Now there is the squeaky wheel. When he started talking about going to other places I just told him "No problem! I pay $15 for your cut, tip included. I will happily apply that $15 to wherever you want to get your hair done. You just need to pay the rest and remember the higher the price the higher the tip needs to be." So far it has not been worth it to him to go anywhere else. Of course, he is only 11 so I am guessing he will be cost sharing with me in the not to distant future. We already cost share on shoes... don't get me started on his shoes!

  • You know, coachsuzanne, as time marches on I become more and more happy that I'm a follicle challenged male.  I can easily shave my head for free - No worries about paying for hair cuts (and I think shaved looks better than a comb over), and no worries about showing grays - $100 for a color should shock me, but it doesn't because it I see that bill when my wife gets hers colored professionally.  Now, if  could just do something to save on back waxing. Just kidding.  Maybe.  LOL.

  • Oh,  kimmer5000, cost sharing with your kids on certain things.....great idea - sounds like a subject someone could write a future post on (hint, hint).  I LOVE that idea - both my kids are at an age where they are asking for things that could be found cheaper, but they want *that* one.  I also love the Locks of Love daughter had super long hair and cut it shorter earlier this year.  We asked if she wanted to donate it to Locks of Love, but when we told her what would happen to her hair, she thought it was "creepy"  Which surprised us because she's usually all for helping others in any way possible.  Kids........

  • I'm female with shoulder-length hair.  I color it myself, so that costs about $8 (I love Nice and Easy Hair Color) and I go to Hair Cuttery for the cut.  With tip it costs $28.

  • LOL I will do that if I do not spontaneously combust when I see my first post published next month LOL! I should start a list of ideas. I can see why the idea of someone else wearing your hair might be strange.

  • Sounds like you've got a system that works, and that you're happy with, sugarmagnolia131 - kudos to you!  Doesn't it just burn you that the color is cheaper than the cut??

  • I know exactly what you mean, kimer5000....I still get excited every. single. Wednesday!  :)

  • As you know I hadn't had a haircut in over 3 years before I was debt free.  My last haircut was actually a great deal as I got the works for half price so.......$77.00 for a haircut, dye and highlights.  :-)  Of course it is almost time for another full meal deal for the hair!!

  • Your going without a haircut for soooo long just shows the dedication you had to getting rid of your debt, Monica.....I think of that often when I begin to complain to myself about not being able to get something I want.   But $77 for the works on your hair was a really good!

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