You Can Still Have Fun While Enrolled in Debt Consolidation Plans

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You Can Still Have Fun While Enrolled in Debt Consolidation Plans

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I mentioned before in my blog about making hard financial choices that my family could have a blast in an empty room. That is probably true. We are a bunch of crack ups.

We figure about half of life is attitude so you might as well choose to have a good one!

We are working our way steadily out of this debt hole with CareOne's debt consolidation plan; it's not easy and money is tight. That being said, we do not choose to sit around in an empty room! We do choose to have a great time together in super cheap ways because we are totally broke!

Here are some of the things we do to make life fun:

Video Games

OK - There is a big initial investment here. We already have a console and a bunch of games. If you do too, this is a great place to look for some entertainment. They are not just for kids. Pick up a controller and join in the fun. You may be surprised at how often you are laughing with your kids.

Computer Games

If you have a computer there are tons of free games to play. Just be careful about micro transactions. Free should not require a credit card attached. If you need to use some in game currency that you have to pay for with real world money that is a BIG RED FLAG! Those little charges will add up. The four of us play Dungeons and Dragons Online together. It costs us nothing and is a ton of fun. Just one thing - I never let my kids play unsupervised on any game that has open chat and I check out EVERY game before they play.

Board Games

When we got married we asked for just about every board game there was. We love games. There is a small initial investment (usually between $10 - $20) but they are portable and a lot of fun. Look for classics that have held up through the years. Think Monopoly, Risk, Scrabble and Life. Dice & Dominos - This requires a very small initial investment. You can look online for dice games (Tip - just buy dice for $1 - $2 and download the rules for Yatzee. Much cheaper than buying the actual game!) Domino Trains is a hoot. Plus with Dominos you can build with them and make those chains to knock down. If you have small kids these are great skill building games as well.


Oh, How we love cards! You can opt for specialty packs like Uno or Phase10 and those are great. Never underestimate the value of a couple decks of plain old cards though. These are the best of the best. We keep a couple packs in the van and car as well as the trailer and my purse. There are hundreds of games you can play with cards. Their rules can be gotten for free online.

In my honest opinion, playing games as a family is one of the best things you can do.

Our best memories are laughing until we cry while playing games. Our teens have passed up "hanging out" with friends because they did not want to miss out on a game night. Games are a wonderful way bond and keep the lines of communications open.

Our kids tell us the darndest things over games.

Playing games with your kids will deepen your relationship with them and that is a great way to spend your time. It just happens to be really cheap too!


Kimberly Davis, Debt Management Plan customer with leading provider of debt relief, CareOne Services, Inc. Kimberly Davis

I have been married for 15 years and we have two kids. We have had a rough few years; between my Mom's having to come and live with us to my husband's lay off.  We are very eager to get our finances under control with the CareOne Debt Management Plan because our kids have BIG college plans. We have plans too and they include traveling with our trailer and being able to retire at some point, so this debt just has to go!  I live in California with my family and am  focused on making real changes so that we can get started on a fun debt-free future.You many know me in the Community Forums as Kimmer5000 and I am now a compensated blogger for CareOne!  Check out my blog, A Straight Talk on Debt!

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  • Good suggestions kimmer5000!  Board games are great for any age group - even retired folks like me!  We meet once a month with a group of friends for a board game party.  It's always a lot of fun no matter what game we play.

  • Thanks! I would LOVE to be part of a board game group. That sounds like so much fun. Thanks for stopping by!

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