Searching for Extra Cash on a Debt Consolidation Program

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Searching for Extra Cash on a Debt Consolidation Program

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We are so broke.

With all the medical bills from my kidney stone issues and the bills from the counselors, we are spending more than we make every month right now.

The hospitals have to accept a payment plan but doctors and labs are not as flexible. So far, I have achieved my goal of not allowing the bills to double up. We are "chasing" several, which means we are paying them late but not so late that the next one is due.  Combine this with the fact that we are enrolled in a debt consolidation program with CareOne and you can see why money is pretty tight.  We dont' have any credit cards to lean on.

At times like these, I am always thinking about how to scrape together some extra cash. 

I have not officially started counting my blogging pay in the monthly budget. I had originally thought it would go right into savings but it has not taken very long for us to start counting on it. I am not sure if it counts as extra cash but it sure does help. 

We take in cans and bottles for recycling. We do not buy a bunch of soda but I always keep an eye out for what has a deposit. You would be surprised how many bottles do. Things like juice and apple sauce containers do. I have teenagers so we do not humiliate them by digging through trash bins for bottles but we do keep an eye open for strays when we are out and about.

That is cash people leave laying around.

I keep a bag in the storage compartment of the van and we just tuck them in there. It takes time for them to add up but it has saved my bacon more than once.

We are also selling, selling, selling.

We are going through everything and looking for things we can put up on Craigslist or out at a yard sale. Every little bit helps and if it has been sitting in a drawer or the back of a closet for a year it needs to go. Not only is that helping the clutter around our house but every little bit helps pay our expenses.

We discovered by total accident while cleaning the garage one weekend that people will stop and offer to buy your stuff with no effort from you! We made $100 and we were not actually having a sale!

These are things we are doing right now to try to keep from going under.

That is not enough though. I want to pay our debt off faster, not just survive the next four years, so I am looking for ways to earn a little cash. Before we moved I worked as a substitute teacher but we decided the family needed me at home full time and I did not renew my certification.  I honestly do not want to go back to that. The last six months has really confirmed for us that I am needed at home right now.

I still want to contribute something, so I have been trying to come up with idea of how to make extra money.

I want to be a programmer so I am working on learning that.

I am getting fairly good. When I get good enough, I will be able to contact agencies and test for them and request piece work. Companies who need a program written but do not want to hire someone will contract out for the job. There is a deadline, but you can do the work at home. Daryl did this when he was out of work to help keep us afloat so I know what I am getting into.  I also have designed the basics for a few games and a large independent game outlet has approved the concepts and said if I can get them made and tested they will promote them (for part of the revenue, of course). 

It is helpful to have a husband in the industry to help guide me.

Anyone have any other great ideas on how to bring in a little extra cash? I am all ears!


Kimberly Davis, Debt Management Plan customer with leading provider of debt relief, CareOne Services, Inc. Kimberly Davis

I have been married for 15 years and we have two kids. We have had a rough few years; between my Mom's having to come and live with us to my husband's lay off.  We are very eager to get our finances under control with the CareOne Debt Management Plan because our kids have BIG college plans. We have plans too and they include traveling with our trailer and being able to retire at some point, so this debt just has to go!  I live in California with my family and am  focused on making real changes so that we can get started on a fun debt-free future.You many know me in the Community Forums as Kimmer5000 and I am now a compensated blogger for CareOne!  Check out my blog under A Straight Talk  on Debt!

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  • I can relate to your situation so much!  I am also chasing bills each month and have to deal with the sinking feeling of having more going out than what's coming in.  My major problem is student loans.  If I didn't have them, we'd be fine and out of debt in no time at all...but I do have them and have to figure out how to manage them in our budget.

    My "extra money" comes each year at tax time.  I work at a Jackson Hewitt tax office PT in addition to my regular job.  This extra job allows me to set my own schedule and make extra money at a time when it's needed most (my husband is usually laid off for the winter).  We even have several stay-at-home moms (like my sister) that work during the weekdays when their kids are at school to make some extra money - they do this year after year and love the flexibility!

    Your article inspired me to have a purging weekend.  We're going to go through the house and find stuff to get rid of - either to sell or donate.  I'm hoping to make enough to pay for groceries and ballet lessons next month...

  • Has the substitute teacher considered tutoring at home? Not only will you be bringing in extra money, but you'll be helping young minds that really need it!

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