The day I enrolled in CareOne's Debt Consolidation Program, I couldn't wait to tell my family. 

I knew they would share in my excitement about a plan where I could consolidate my debts and have ONE manageable payment per month that would pay off all my creditors in a reasonable span of time. 

For years, my children heard me bemoan the huge bills I had accumulated by using credit cards indiscriminately. 

I often complained and condemned what I called "the greedy banks and credit companies" who seemed to regularly find ways to increase my interest rates to the point where my huge monthly payment was mostly spent paying finance charges.  I would be so discouraged with the lack of progress toward paying the principal that I was at my wits' end, wondering how I would EVER accomplish this. 

Month after month, my kids saw me in anguish as I juggled money, trying to pay off these huge bills, and then having little left in my checking account after the bills were paid. 

Can you imagine how exhilarated I felt when I told the family that I had found a resource to get me back on my feet again? 

The kids were thrilled; they could sense the relief in my voice and as the months went by, they saw the pressure steadily lifting from me, as my finances were beginning to get under control.

All of us with children desire to extend financial help to them when they need it, and sometimes even when they DON'T.  Being sort of a softie at heart, I had used many credit cards to "help" my kids in ways that I see now were probably NOT in their best interest.  I did things like help them pay their own monthly bills rather than have to learn to handle finances more wisely . . . or buying them things they wanted but could not afford, rather than encouraging them to SAVE for those items. 

I see now that I did my family quite a disservice by being such a poor financial role model during those years. 

Now that I am well on my way to being debts free, my kids are seeing a new me. 

I think they're rather amazed and impressed with how I am dedicated to saving and using money cautiously. 

I'm able to speak to them about handling finances from a wiser, much more authoritative stand point now.  Additionally, they understand that NOW, because I live in this "cash only" world, I am not the bottomless pit of financial resource I once appeared to be.  I've talked openly about preparing for retirement, and they have endorsed all my efforts to continue on this track, so when retirement time comes, right about when my DMP is finished, I will be debt free and able to live comfortably. 

Debt relief through consolidation has changed everyone in my family in one way or another, and it has taught all of us many GOOD lessons about the right way to handle our financial resources. 


Julie Van Wert, Debt Management Plan customer with leading provider of debt relief, CareOne Services, Inc. Julie Van Wert

I am a Medical Social Worker at a community hospital, living in the great state of California. I am married and have three wonderful children, and three beautiful grandsons, with another grandbaby on the way. My family also includes a miniature Dachshund named Conrad. I love gardening and spending time outdoors, but I equally love doing home decorating projects. I've been enrolled in the Debt Management Plan for just under a year, and that has been a real "turning point" in my financial life. I hope you will follow along with my blogs under A Straight Talk on Debt in the CareOne blogs. Compensated CareOne Debt Relief Services Blogger.