Programs That Save You at the Grocery Store AND the Gas Station!

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Programs That Save You at the Grocery Store AND the Gas Station!

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There's a trend that appears to be occurring in my part of the country. 

Grocery stores are forming partnerships with gas stations to lure customers into both businesses. 

One of the grocery stories I shop at has just such a partnership, and I'm just now realizing the potential of how much it could save me.

Customers sign up for the discount program free of charge at the grocery store and receive a card with their membership number.   Each week, the sales flyer for the grocery store lists selected sale items that are participating in the discount program which when purchased will earn the customer a discount per gallon of gas at the partner gas station. 

There is a special note next to the item in the flyer indicating how much of a discount can be earned if the item is purchased. 

The discounts range anywhere from 2 to 20 cents off per gallon of gasoline.

The discounts earned have the following characteristics:

1.) Can only be used once

2.) Are valid for 30 days

3.) Are stackable

The more eligible items purchased, the more of a discount is earned on a future gas purchase. 

I took a quick peek at this week flyer and found the following discounts that I could take advantage of:

Baby Carrots:                          2 cents per gallon

Bagged Salad Mix:              10 cents per gallon

Grape Tomatoes:                    3 cents per gallon

Cereal:                                     4 cents per gallon

Pizza Rolls:                             4 cents per gallon

Hamburger:                             2 cents per gallon

Paper Towels:                         4 cents per gallon

Laundry Detergent:               20 cents per gallon

Garlic Chips:                         10 cents per gallon

Spend $100:                         25 cents per gallon 

Total discount:  83 cents off per gallon

If I fill up my van, which has a 20 gallon tank, using this 83 cents off per gallon I could see a potential savings of $16.60.  I will earn this discount simply by buying grocery items that I was planning on purchasing anyway.  The best part of the program is that not only do these items give me a discount on my next gasoline purchase, but they're also on sale at the grocery store giving me double savings.

Taking advantage of this program does require me to use a specific gas station chain, and it's not the one that I normally use.  However it's not an inconvenience because it's the same distance from my house as the station I have been using.

These discount programs can really be thought of as a new kind of coupon, and added with the grocery store coupons I'm already using can provide significant savings in our weekly budget.

Are you aware of any similar partnerships in your area?  Have you taken advantage of them?

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  • We use one that is very similar. It is from our regular gas station so that is a bonus. Our store also gives us a point for every dollar we spend and then at the end of the quarter we get a cash back bonus. We got ours this week and it was $21.00. I always watch for our double points items which are usually their sale and promotional items. I am careful NOT to buy things I would not ordinarily buy. Yes - $2.00 off those awesome ice cream bars is great but $2.00 off a $7.00 item I would not normally buy is $5.00 more than I would spend not a $2.00 savings. On the other hand $2.00 off my dish washer detergent plus double points? Yes, Please! Plus, we now get extra points for gas. I also get coupons on line linked to my card so I don't have to clip or remember to use them. They go automatically. These are savings I can work with! Another great post!

  • Sounds like you're working your program to get the most out of it, Kimberly...I'm still getting my arms around everything - but I like that you pointed out that buying something you wouldn't normally just to get the points really isn't worth it....that's the biggest pitfall I'm also trying to avoid!  Thanks for reading!

  • We use the local grocery points program fully to our advantage. They give 4x points for gifts cards which are so easy to give for any gift; birthdays, weddings, baby showers, Christmas, and yes buying the groceries.  We buy 4 $100 grocery cards every month and budget our grocery spending based on one card per week.  We then use the gas rewards points for our two vehicles.  My in-laws also shop using the same points rewards program, but do not fill up at their gas stations, so they pass there savings points over to us.  We are then able to save at least 20 cents a gallon at every fill up for a Trailblazer and a Tahoe.  Our last trip to Disneyland we purchased our admission tickets there and maximized $1.00 off per gallon of gas at every fill up driving round trip from Washington state to California and still had rewards left after our return.

  • Wow, Holly, that's great that your inlaws pass their points on to you!! Maybe I can get some people to help me out too!  Thanks for sharing!

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