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A Christmas Family Cruise

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While most people are planning for their holiday dinners and activities, I have been planning for the family cruise I'll be on over the Christmas Holiday. 

Yes, things are very different for me now that I am debt free! Just two years ago, a trip of this scale would never have been possible. 

Now I can not only afford a trip like this, with the proper amount of planning of course...I can enjoy it knowing that I paid for the trip in advance!

We have a lot to celebrate while we are on this vacation.

  • My niece turns 21 the day we set sail.
  • Her fiancé turns 21 the month before.
  • My daughter's boyfriend graduates the end of this quarter and my son told me he plans on proposing to his girlfriend. 

So it is particularly wonderful to have the financial ability to save for, plan and then celebrate these exciting events.

Just because I have paid off my debt does not mean that I have returned to the dark side and finance my life with credit cards. I learned a lot about how to wait, how to plan and how to save while I was enrolled in my debt management plan. 

We started planning this trip before the holiday's last year.

A trip like this requires some serious price watching and here is how we are doing it.

First, we had to pay off our balance for the cruise by October 7th, which everyone going has done. 

Last year I watched the prices for airfare during the holidays so I could find out what be best price would be and when the best month to book my flight would be.  My big error was having my money in my Capital 360 (ING) account so when the cheapest airfare became available I didn't have enough time to transfer the money. 

My sister and her husband did, so they got a non-stop flight for only $363.  I did get my flight for a reasonable rate ($404), but I do have a stop. 

I continue to watch the flights and have not seen the price drop that low again. 

The average rate has been around $700, but has gone up to over $1,000.

Most of us are going three days early, so we needed to set up hotel stays. 

My niece found a site through Travelocity called Secret Hotels. You enter the information for the area, what star quality hotel you want, and you let Travelocity choose the hotel for you for a cheaper price. 

It really worked! All of us that did this are in the same hotel. 

We are sharing rooms to help cut the costs. 

The cost for our room at a 4-star hotel only ended up being a little over $60 a night.

What are your plans for the holidays?  Have you started saving for your event?

Monica Davis, Debt management plan graduate, with leading provider of debt relief, CareOne Services, Inc.Monica Davis

Monica is no stranger to the CareOne Community. As a debt management plan customer (DMP), Monica engaged in our community forums regularly, helping others with questions about the plans. Now that Monica has completed her DMP in just three years, Monica continues to share what made her successful in the forums and now through our blogs. Monica is accustomed to providing support and works as a Communications Officer for an emergency dispatch center in Washington State.  Follow Monica as she shares her tips and insight in the A Straight Talk on Debt blog. Compensated CareOne Debt Relief Services Blogger.

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  • Last year we went to cruise for her birthday. It was one of our most memorable trips. Enjoyed a lot.

  • I agree with you John Haver.  Going on a cruise is a nice way to make nice memories.  Since you don't have to pay for hotels, food or entertainment on the ship (unless you choose to gamble or drink) it is a very reasonable way to enjoy a vacation. I personally do not see myself scheduling another one during the Christmas holidays because it is a lot more expensive than other times throughout the year.  However we had to find a time that everyone in the family could go, so we had to choose a school break.  But what better way for a once in a lifetime family event to have it during Christmas.  Are you ready for your Christmas Holiday?

  • That sounds like a ton of fun. We have taken a few cruses. It is nice to know that if I put in my time and learn my lessons now I will be able to enjoy that type of thing again. I am sure it will be extra fun knowing you did it the right way and not have the pain of paying for it for the next several years. Good for you! You should be so proud! Hearing things like this really do lift my spirits and help me get through the hard times. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for sharing!

  • kimmer5000 I can't wait for you to be where I am today!!  I know you will succeed and soon be cruising the debt free life.  Keep your head up and ride the difficult times knowing the end is in sight.  <3

  • Cruising the debt free life! Sign me up! That sounds awesome!

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