Be a Rock Star Parent, Throw a Gingerbread Man Decorating Party

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Be a Rock Star Parent, Throw a Gingerbread Man Decorating Party

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My eleven year old daughter is a very creative and social creature, so it didn't surprise me when she asked if she could invite some friends over for a holiday party. 

The problem was, she didn't exactly know what she wanted to do at the party. 

She she wanted to watch the movie Elf with her friends, but she also wanted to include an activity, and asked for help coming up with ideas. We thought about it for a little while and came up with the perfect holiday activity:

A gingerbread man cookie decorating party!

The Supplies:

  • Gingerbread Cookie Dough
  • Gumdrops
  • Frosting
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Candy Sprinkles
  • Roll of wax paper
  • Zip lock bags

The Method:

I baked the cookies the day before so they were ready to go for my daughter's party. As her friends were arriving, I placed a gingerbread man cookie on a sheet of wax paper at each place at the table. I then put all the decorations in the middle.

For the next 45 minutes, the frosting flew, the sprinkles sprang, and the gundrops...well, dropped. 

There was sharing of decorating ideas, giggling, and spraying of squeeze frosting on each other's noses. When the cookie decorating was complete, the girls ran downstairs to watch a movie. I placed each gingerbread cookie  into a zip lock bag, writing the child's name in marker on the bag, to send home with them when the movie was over.

Other Uses:

In this case, we used the gingerbread man cookie decorating as an activity for a party for my daughter and her friends, but this activity could come in handy in other settings as well. For example, each year someone hosts an extended family holiday gathering. Adults are content to sit in the living room, visit with each other and maybe watch a football game. 

Kids, on the other hand, sometimes have a hard time finding something to do in an unfamiliar home. 

This would be a perfect time to gather the kids around the table and have them go crazy with cookie decorations. It's inexpensive, fun, and gives them a great holiday treat to enjoy eating!

 Have you ever tried decorating gingerbread man cookies? What inexpensive ideas do you have for holiday party activities?

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  • I used to host a cookie party every year. I invited about 5 families. We were friends with the parents and our kids were all friends. I baked our secret family recipe for these amazing sugar cookies. They were cut into many shapes - snowmen, stars, trees. I did all the baking the day before. The morning of the party I made my famous butter cream frosting. I colored it and put two piping bags of each color on each table and placed sprinkles and colored sugar, chocolate chips, mini M&M's and red hots on every table. My invitations always said for everyone to make sure their kids ate a healthy lunch before they came because there would be plenty of sugar! (Really we started at 1:00 and I did not want anyone to think I was providing lunch). I also said that due to the high sugar content of the party we would only be serving water and tea. We always did it the first weekend in December. We played Christmas and Hanukkah music. It was a blast. Then everyone went home with a bunch of cookies. By the third year I was having Mom's actually approach me and ask to be invited. We stopped when we moved. We don't have the same network here and my kids are older. Those were some awesome memories though. My friends from back home still complain about missing them. A few of the close ones still get a container of my cookies every year though. It was not super cheap though.

  • That sounds like so much fun, Kimberly!  We did a cookie exchange for a couple of years where we would invite some of our neighbors over and everyone would make their favorite cookies...then we'd all get some of each kind.  Those were some great memories too!

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