Hustle Extra Cash Part 3: Creative Ways to Make Money Online

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Hustle Extra Cash Part 3: Creative Ways to Make Money Online

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You don't have to be a dot-com guru, web designer, location independent entrepreneur, or freelancer to make money online.


In this instalment of Hustling Extra Cash, we're going to explore five creative ways to earn extra money online - regardless of your expertise.

Got Wheels? Use Relay Rides

RelayRides is a peer-to-peer car sharing service. Similar to other car sharing services, renters pay hourly or daily for your car, which is kitted out with a drive box allowing members to find and access your car with their smartphone.

Don't worry: the car is yours first and foremost to use; you create your profile with rates and a schedule of when and where the car is available. And your insurance policy is unaffected; your wheels and the members are insured with the company's insurance policy.

RelayRides is expanding rapidly, but is currently only in certain US cities.

Tap Into your Inner Energizer Bunny with TaskRabbit

Got some spare time? You probably have a skill that somebody else who doesn't have the time or inclination can use. You name it: dog walking, assembling furniture, office work, grocery shopping; for every task somebody doesn't want to do, there's an eager rabbit willing to take it on for some extra cash.

TaskRabbit has a thorough application process before you can be hired for jobs, but once you're in the system you're golden (TaskRabbit deducts 20% of the fee the hiring user sets and pays).

Similar to RelayRides, TaskRabbit is still in expansion mode and only available in select US cities - but some (virtual) jobs can be completed from anywhere.

Upgraded Your Gadgets? Use Glyde

Glyde is an online marketplace for tablets, smartphones, Macbooks, video games, and iPods. You don't pay to join or list your items, so there's nothing to lose. When your gadget sells, Glyde sends you the pre-addressed stamped shipping kit.

Glyde does get paid, however - by taking 12% of the first $100 off your item's sale price, and 8% of the remainder, plus $1.00-$3.50 for the shipping kit. Once the buyer accepts the item (if it's not as described Glyde will arrange to return it to you), money appears in your Glyde account which you can withdraw from.

To see if it's a good marketplace for your gadget, check out their Sell Smart function, which compares what you can get for your goods with different sites (like Amazon, Gazelle, Apple Recycling, and more).

Showcase Your Expertise With Pearl

Pearl gets over 250,000 questions every month that need answering. Although the range of experts and topics is wide, question-asking members either pay $30 per question or $50-100/month for unlimited questions, so you'll need to provide value as an expert. (It's unclear how much you are paid for answering questions).

As a Pearl expert, you'll be vetted before being thrown to the inquisitive masses; check out their application process to get started.

Best for Last: Fiverr

Guaranteed: there's something you can do or sell on Fiverr - limited only by your creativity. Peruse the listings for inspiration, and you'll find anything from human billboards to translation services, fortune-telling to creating travel itineraries, and writing code to juggling chainsaws (no really).

Each task starts at $5 (hence the site name), and once you have an established record of sales, you can post extra services and charge more. Fiverr takes 20% of what you earn (which nets you $4 for every $5 job) - but you'd be amazed at what people will pay $5 for; it's worth a look.

Do you have any creative ways to make money online not mentioned here? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Great work !!!

  • Thanks to share these ways to make money online. Writing articles,blogs  and affiliate marketing are also great ways to make extra money online.

  • I really liked the way in which all the methods are explained. I love blogging and have 2 blogs. I always try new ways to make money online. Thanks for sharing this valuable information, I will surely try those which I have not used yet.

  • Very informative post!! Blogging is one of the best ways to earn extra income from home, but does need a lot of research. Not only do you require to research how to create a blog, but you will also require to research possible niches and topics on latest trends, as well as the effective way to promote your blog.

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