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Give of Your Time Not Your Money

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I find that the holidays can be a very expensive time.

I joined CareOne to get out of debt and had all of my credit cards closed, but before that, I would create enough debt to stress me out for months after Christmas. I know from my years hanging out in the CareOne community that I was not alone in this behavior.

Why do people do that? 

I know that I wanted my children, family, and friends to know how much they meant to me. Back then, that meant spending money I did not have on gifts for them that I could not afford. What a show of love right?

Since that time I have learned that there are so many other ways to show them how much they are loved, without giving more than I can afford to give.

I now know that the best gift to give the people I love is the gift of my time. 

I can look at my list of family and friends and know that almost everyone on that list could use help in some way. Whether it is babysitting, helping someone set up their dinner party, mowing lawns, cleaning houses, watching someone's animals, baking, or anything else. Almost everyone can use more time on their hands. 

Offering to assist someone can help relieve some of their stress, at the same time alleviate the financial stress for you. 

Why not create gift certificates to give out for the holidays. If you are good at doing oil changes, refurbishing, cleaning carpets, baking, cooking, sewing, arts & crafts, or whatever talent you have, I bet most everyone would love to receive assistance. I know I would. 

I have taken time to think about the gifts I have received in the past, and I have found that most of the gifts I have received I no longer have. 

Yet the memorable gifts are things that were from the heart. Gifts like, when my daughter made a poster with the word mother and used the letters in the word to describe me. The picture my niece gave me with a nice letter, or the picture my son gave me last year for Christmas of he and his girlfriend. 

Those are the gifts I hold closest to my heart. 

I also remember when my children gave me a book of gift certificates they created. Those are my favorite gifts. None of them cost much or anything.

Take some time and really think about it. Would you appreciate a gift certificate from a friend or family member offering to work on your car? Clean your house? Help you out when you are setting up for a party? Think of things that will help them save time or money and I believe you have found the perfect gift.

What are your thoughts on giving free gifts? Or gifts of your time or talent?

Monica Davis, Debt management plan graduate, with leading provider of debt relief, CareOne Services, Inc.Monica Davis

Monica is no stranger to the CareOne Community. As a debt management plan customer (DMP), Monica engaged in our community forums regularly, helping others with questions about the plans. Now that Monica has completed her DMP in just three years, Monica continues to share what made her successful in the forums and now through our blogs. Monica is accustomed to providing support and works as a Communications Officer for an emergency dispatch center in Washington State.  Follow Monica as she shares her tips and insight in the A Straight Talk on Debt blog. Compensated CareOne Debt Relief Services Blogger.

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