Hustling Extra Cash (Part 4): Creative Ways to Sell Your Stuff

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Hustling Extra Cash (Part 4): Creative Ways to Sell Your Stuff

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From raid my closet parties, to smartphone apps, to virtual garage sales and more.

Here are 11 creative ways to hustle some extra cash and clean house at the same time.

Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry

"You don't want it. He can't have it back."

That's the tag-line for the quirky site Exboyfriend Jewelry, which requires sellers to post their tragic tale of breakup (and pay $1.99) in order to list their used jewelry for sale.


If you're divesting yourself of a lot of things, advise buyers that you have more where that came from. If you're selling locally, when the buyer arrives to pick up the item, they can peruse your other things and may well leave with some extras. This was key when I sold everything I owned to travel full-time.

Hit up Colleges

College students are always up for a good deal, especially if they're setting up shop at the beginning of the year. Where possible, post flyers in college neighborhoods, and visit online college forums (which often have classified listings).

Raid My Closet Party

It's simple, yet effective - especially for the ladies. Have a party, serve a few drinks and snacks, and let your guests raid your closet for new treasure.


Attend a national "Raid My Closet" style party on your smartphone! Poshmark is a smartphone app that allows you to list items in your closet for sale, then attend themed "parties" to buy and sell. Poshmark takes care of shipping by sending you a pre-paid label.

Living Estate Sale

If you want to sell everything but don't want the headache, you can have a living estate sale. This is a service offered whereby a living estate sale company catalogs and auctions everything off; taking care of finding buyers, collecting payments, and arranging delivery/pick-up.

Recycle Your Fashions

Got some designer clothing that is in good condition but not your style any more? Recycle Your Fashions is an online consignment store for your lightly loved designer duds.


Cash4Books is especially useful for selling textbooks; but try entering the ISBNs for any and all books you'd like to sell and see what happens.

Virtual Garage Sale

Create a (free) website or blog that lists everything you have for sale, then promote the site locally with flyers, and online to your contacts. You can also use the site as a referral point for eBay and Craigslist listings, which will give buyers more information, as well as open up cross-selling opportunities.

Visit Specialty Forums

When it comes to specialty items (like fishing, climbing, or biking gear), you need to target buyers who know the value of what you have. Many online forums have classified sections; they're a great place to find appreciative buyers.


Depending on the breadth and depth of your connections, you can sell stuff by simply posting a Facebook status update. To access a wider audience, look for appropriate Facebook groups and classifieds by doing "buy or sell" searches in your geographic area.

Have you sold your stuff using creative or quirky methods? Please share in the comments!


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Nora Dunn is The Professional Hobo: a full-time traveler and freelance writer. She is a contributing writer under the CareOne Debt Relief Services A Straight Talk on Debt blog. Having sold her business and belongings to travel, she has been on the road since 2007. She travels in a financially sustainable manner, taking advantage of creative volunteering positions. As a former certified Financial Planner, she is financially responsible for her actions along the way. She believes there is a fine balance between planning for tomorrow, and living for today. Compensated Blogger for CareOne Debt Relief Services.

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  • Awesome ideas!  I'm always looking for more ways to make some money.  My wife and I like to hit up the local goodwills and find items we can sell on eBay, or even just take over to Buffalo Exchange for a quick turnaround.  Especially after getting up early and going on the discounted days!  I keep my Facebook friend list pretty trimmed, but I've seen a lot of friends make a quick pretty penny by selling things on Facebook!  Keep coming with the awesome ideas and keep up the great work!

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