7 Unsatisfying but Necessary Travel Expenses to Budget For

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7 Unsatisfying but Necessary Travel Expenses to Budget For

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Travel budgets aren't just about finessing accommodation and saving money on food.

Here are seven unsatisfying but necessary travel expenses you need to budget or account for when planning your next trip.

Travel Visas

Some countries require you to apply in advance for a travel visa. Not only do you need to budget money for travel visa costs (which range in price, depending on your citizenship and where you're going), but you may also need to budget some time to get the visa - which can take up to weeks.  


We don't plan for things to go wrong, but it's good to have a plan in case things do.

Travel insurance has three different components: baggage loss/theft, trip cancellation, and medical. You might have some coverage already through existing insurance or health plans, or by booking travel with your credit card.

Medical is the most important insurance to address; trip cancellation should be considered if the cost of your travel is such that cancelling or rerouting due to an emergency would represent a substantial loss. Baggage loss/theft insurance is the most difficult to make a claim for, and often holds the least value.

Travel Day Meals

Did you anticipate needing that coffee or snack at the airport? The food for purchase on the plane? Or the overpriced meal offerings on long-distance train rides and at bus rest stops? Food bought on the go is regularly unsatisfying, financially and otherwise.

Getting Money

Whether you're looking at ATM withdrawal fees, debit charge fees, credit card advance fees, or traveler's cheque commissions, you generally have to pay to access your money abroad.

ATM fees can be charged by both your home bank and the ATM abroad - resulting in up to $10 in fees per withdrawal. Credit card advances are even more dangerous; in addition to the withdrawal fee, interest is charged on your entire credit card balance as of the date of your cash advance - which can result in hundreds of dollars in interest in a very short time.

Even using a debit or credit card for direct purchases can result in hidden currency conversion charges....read on.

Currency Conversion

If you need to convert cash, generally airport currency exchange counters offer the worst rates; local bank branches are better. ATM withdrawals and debit/credit card purchases are usually reasonable, depending on the card. The currency conversion fee is hidden; check your policy statement to find out how much you're being charged.

In-Between Transportation

If you're flying, how are you getting to and from the airport? While some destinations have easily accessible airports, others most certainly do not. All those buses, taxis, and trains on either side add up.

Departure Tax

Depending on the country you visit, you could get dinged with departure tax when you leave. Some countries incorporate it into the cost of your airfare, while others expect a local cash payment. When checking into travel visa requirements, familiarize yourself with the departure tax policy.

What unsatisfying yet necessary travel expenses have you had to incur?


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