I've been feeling pretty good about my grocery shopping skills as of late. 

Over the last year, I've honed those skills and learned some new skills to keep our weekly grocery bill on point.

Pulling into the shopping center where my main grocery store is located, I drove by a convenience store and saw a couple of advertisement signs stuck in the ground that made me take a sharp right turn into their parking lot.

Butter             $1.99

Eggs               $0.99

Since these are two items that are on our grocery shopping list every week, I know that where I shop for groceries a pound of butter is normally $2.89, and a dozen eggs would cost $1.75. I picked up both items for a total savings of $1.66 since I needed both items that week.

I admit that the savings aren't earth shattering, but everything adds up.

The point is, I normally operate under the assumption that we pay a premium for items at a convenience store.  But there seems to be a growing trend for them to offer a handful of sales each week to draw customers into their stores. 

In fact, I later found that there are two nearby convenience stores that have weekly ads with sales and coupons.

With this new discovery, I'll be adding these two convenience stores to the list of ads I will be checking when doing my grocery shopping prep work.  The savings may not be huge, but I pass by both of them on my way to the grocery store where I do the majority of our shopping so there's no reason not to take advantage of sales they have running.

Are you aware of any convenience stores in your area that have regular sales? 

Do you take advantage of them?

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