What Financial Freedom Means to me!

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What Financial Freedom Means to me!

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I remember laying in the grass as a kid, staring up at the trees and blue sky imagining what my future had in store for me. Similarly, I have spent a lot of time lately daydreaming about life after a debt management program. 

My thoughts seem to center around three things:

We'll have more money in our pocket : Once we make that last payment, we will have the money that we had been sending to our creditors each month at our disposal. It's like getting a huge overnight pay raise.

We'll no longer be the people with debt problems : It seems like we've been the people on a journey to pay off $109,000 in credit card debt for an eternity. I can't help but think that people we've told look at us differently, or expect us to not to be able to do things because we're the family with too much debt. I can't wait to shed that image.

Freedom to choose what we do with our money: Our creditors have had control over a huge chunk of our money seemingly for as long as I can remember. Once we make that final payment, that control returns to us.

Of these three, my favorite is the last one, because it represents what financial freedom means to me. 

For the last four and a half years, almost every cent that we've earned has been spoken for before the paychecks even register in our bank account. 

Our entire financial existence has revolved around that $2489 payment that we have to make at the end of the month. Add in the mortgage, utilities, car payments, groceries and the rest of the things that make up the necessities of life, and for a very long time there wasn't much left over.

Once we make that last payment, we gain control over our money for the very first time in our adult lives.

We decide how much we want to put into savings, and how much we want to save for retirement. We also have the option to increase our entertainment budget for a weekend should we desire to do so. 

We're no longer working to pay off the transgressions of our past, but instead working for the goals of our future. 

Do you daydream about what life will be like after your program is complete? 

What's your favorite part about how your life will change?  

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Travis Pizel, debt management plan customer with leading provider of debt relief, CareOne Services, Inc. Travis Pizel

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  • I find that my vision of life after debt has changed over the year and a half that we've been on our journey out of debt. I used to think of a lifestyle of restaurants and travel. I still look forward to those things being accessible, but I'm more keen to have the freedom to choose. Will we keep working? Will we change jobs? Will we move? What causes will we get behind? What lessons might we take? It will be wonderful to have the freedom of choice. I hope that you will thoroughly enjoy your well-earned freedom.

  • I'm not surprised that we both have found our way to seeing "choice" as the greatest gift of financial freedom from debt.  From reading your posts, we seem to have a very similar perspective on many things related to life and finance, Prudence.  We will definitely enjoy our freedom....but always with a healthy remembrance of the consequences of financial irresponsibility.  I don't want to lose my freedom to choose!

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