It is worth it to check out the discount carts and racks at all the stores you visit. Especially the grocery stores. My husband and I laugh every time I come home with a bargain because I call it "Indoor Dumpster Diving". 

The three grocery stores I frequent all have discount carts that are usually located in the produce isle. That's the first place I check when I visit any of these stores because I find so many super discounted buys on fresh veggies and fruits. Many people believe that you cannot do anything with the over ripe or almost expired foods that you find at the discount rates in the grocery store.

However, the fact is you can save a great deal of money purchasing these items on a regular basis.  

To me, it is amazing that so many people actually pass up these carts filled with tremendous food bargains without so much as even a sideways glance. Believe me; I'm not too proud to do some "indoor dumpster diving" if I can make a good score on fresh veggies and fruits that know I can turn into something really healthy and delicious for our meals. 

Here are just a few examples of things I picked up from the discount cart at our IGA store just yesterday: 

  • one package containing two large sweet peppers 
  • one red and one orange for 59-cents (Regular price that same day for the same sweet peppers was $1.00 each)
  • one package with two large bright red tomatoes for 39-cents (Regular price outside the discount cart was $1.45/pound)
  • a 3-pound package of bananas that were just a bit over ripe but still good for $1.00 (Regular price in the produce isle was 79-cents per pound)
  • one package containing 3 different types of apples for 39-cents (Regular price varied depending on the type of apple but the least expensive was $2.39 per pound)
  • one package of baby carrots for 39-cents (Regular price 1.89 per package)and lastly a bag of Dole Caesar Salad for 59-cents (Regular price on the produce shelf was $2.49) 

Here's what I used my "indoor dumpster diving" goodies for:

  • Red and orange sweet peppers turned into steak fajitas
  • Dole Caesar Salad turned into a grilled chicken Caesar Salad
  • Tomatoes were used for bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches
  • Bananas turned into a loaf of banana bread, snacks and peanut butter, honey and banana sandwiches
  • Apples were used as snacks with peanut butter
  • Baby carrots turned into a homemade carrot cake with just enough left to make a side dish for our dinner of orange juice and honey glazed baby carrots

We enjoyed a lot of very good, healthy food for very little money. When I am able to supplement my food dollars with great deals like this, I just can't turn away from the discount carts. 

Another place to find highly discounted food is near the bakery section of the store. 

There are loaves of bakery bread, donuts, cookies, cakes, brownies, dinner rolls and more just waiting to be picked up by a discerning shopper like me! If I don't intend to use the bakery products right away, I put them in the freezer for later use. They can be warmed up in the oven and will be super tasty - especially the donuts and cookies with a cup of coffee or hot tea. 

Just between you and me, I really get a kick out of my "indoor dumpster diving". I love getting a bargain anywhere and any way.  I'm beginning to think that it's not really about the money anymore but it's more about "THE FIND"! 

It's a challenge - like hunting for that buck with the prized antlers or catching the biggest bass! It's about being able to brag to my husband about my latest conquest at the grocery store. We actually have "show and tell" when I get back home. Can you tell that I have become addicted to shopping the discount carts? 

So, here's my challenge to you, GIVE INDOOR DUMPSTER DIVING A TRY and the next time you see a discount cart filled with fresh veggies and fruits


Kimberly Johns, Debt Management Plan Customer with Leading Provider of Debt Relief, CareOne Services, Inc. Kimberly Johns

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